Liberon Spirit Wood Dye - Restorate-3282391063308
Liberon Spirit Wood Dye - Restorate-3282391063308
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Liberon Spirit Wood Dye - Restorate-3282391063322
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Liberon Spirit Wood Dye

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Colour:Antique Pine
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Liberon Spirit Wood Dye is a fast drying ethanol wood stain which absorbs deep into the timber, available in eight different shades that can be mixed together with other colours of the same range to obtain intermediate shades. Liberon Spirit Wood Dye is recommended for use on hardwood and softwood furniture and interior architectural wood items, it’s fast drying and won’t raise the grain. The dye is Ideal for colouring Mahogany, Oak and other similar timbers. Spirit dyes are easy to apply especially on previously finished woods providing any previous finish or wax polish has been removed. Old wax deposits can be removed with Liberon Wax Polish remover used in conjunction with Liberon 0000 Steel Wool, then any residue removed with a clean cloth.

Before application it is essential to ensure the surface to be stained is clean and back to the wood with no trace of previous finishes. Providing the item is not an antique, sand to a smooth finish and remove the dust with a tack cloth.

 Shake the can well before use - if multiple tins are needed mix them together to achieve a consistent colour (batches can vary slightly in shade). Apply one coat liberally with a foam applicator or fine bristle brush working in the direction of the grain where possible, allow the stain to absorb and wipe away any excess with a clean cotton cloth following the direction of the the grain. If a deeper colour is required a second coat can be applied after 4 hours although the second coat must be applied quickly with care taken not to go back over the surface as this can pull the first coat. Once dry, this dye must be finished finished with a water-based varnishoil or wax polish.

Available colours:  Antique Pine, Dark Oak, Ebony, Georgian Mahogany, Light Oak, Medium Oak, Teak, Walnut.


No. of coats: 1-2
Drying time: 6 hours minimum
Coverage: 8-16m² / litre
Sizes: 250ml, 1 litre, 5 litre
Clean up: Methylated Spirit