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Cuprinol Garden Shades - Restorate-5010368061457
Cuprinol Garden Shades
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Ronseal Garden Paint 2.5 Litres - Restorate-5010214874309
Ronseal Garden Paint
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Liberon Extreme Decking Paint 2.5 Litres - Restorate-3282391036692

Garden Paints such as Cuprinol Garden Shades and Ronseal Garden Paint are fantastic for giving your garden a face lift on a budget. The garden paint colours available start from very pale stone tones all the way to (near) fluorescent pink, giving customers many colours to customise their outdoor living areas. Check out our blog, The Ultimate Guide to Garden Paints, here.

One of the main strengths of this type of product is the range of materials the paints can be applied to. Both Ronseal and Cuprinol have formulated their garden paints to be applicable to Wood, Brick, Stone, Metal and even terracotta. That means these paints are perfect for garden Sheds, Fences, Brick Walls, Planters, garden benches, chairs, tables, lamps, BBQs and more. The most popular applications of these are as paints for garden fences.

The most popular shades for fence paint are pastel greys and stone tones. We are often asked, “What colour fence paint makes garden look bigger” The answer is, the lighter and softer the tone, the more spacious and open the space feels. It also means there are less tonal shades that clash and allows brighter accents of colour in smaller quantities.

For increased longevity and protection of the wood under the paint, use Barrettine Universal Preserver as a primer before applying the garden paint. The Wood Preserver protects the wood from Wet Rot, Woodworm, Insect mites whilst providing a great surface that the paint clings to. 

We recommend these paints are applied with a block brush, this Marshall Woodcare 120mm brush is the best we have tested, for large flat areas and use the Marshall 401x synthetic bristle brush for finer applications. The 401 brush has really fine bristles that hold paint well and they don’t cost the earth. These garden paints are water based so warm soapy water will clean you and your tools well.