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Mirka Abranet 150mm Sanding Discs (Box of 50) - Restorate-6416868662948
Save 12%
Mirka DEROS / PROS Backing Pad 150mm 5/16" 48H - Restorate-6416868910384
Mirka DEROS / PROS Backing Pad 150mm 5/16" 48H
Sale priceFrom £31.25 Regular price£35.45
Mirka Abranet Ace Sanding Disc 150mm (Box of 50) - Restorate-6416868219968
Mirka Hiomant Sanding Roll - Restorate-6416868835878
Mirka Hiomant Sanding Roll
Sale priceFrom £6.85
Mirka Abranet 125mm Sanding Discs (Box of 50) - Restorate-6416868662955
Mirka DEROS II 5650CV Sander Deco Solution Kit 230V - Restorate-6416868519075
Mirka Abranet 81 x 133mm Sanding Strips (Box of 50) - Restorate-6416868540376
Mirka Abralon Finishing Discs - Restorate-6416868675665
Mirka Abranet 225mm Sanding Discs (Box of 25) - Restorate-6416868280210
Mirka Rewireable Mains Cable 4.3m 230V - Restorate-6416868676259
Mirka Abranet Ace HD Discs (Box of 25) - Restorate-6416868271607
Mirka Abranet Ace 81 x 133mm Sanding Strips (Box of 50) - Restorate-6416868337051
Mirka Goldflex Soft 115 x 125mm Abrasive Pads (Roll of 200) - Restorate-6416868594645
Mirka Abranet 34mm Sanding Discs (Box of 50) - Restorate-6416868362206
Mirka Pad Saver 150mm 67H (Pack of 5) - Restorate-6416868941234
Mirka Basecut 150mm Sanding Discs 15H (Box of 100) - Restorate-6416868870329
Mirka Caratflex Abrasive Roll - Restorate-6416868881448
Mirka Fleece Dust Bags for Dust Extractors (Pack of 5) - Restorate-6416868924909
Mirka Abranet Abrasive Roll - Restorate-6416868891829
Mirka Abranet Abrasive Roll
Sale priceFrom £15.74
Mirka Abranet Delta 152mm Abrasive (Box of 50) - Restorate-6416868254235
Mirka Gold Grip Sanding Discs 150mm Multi Hole (Box of 100) - Restorate-6416868339796
Mirka Rewireable Connector for DEROS DEOS LEROS Leads - Restorate-6416868648232
Mirka Interface Pad 81 x 133mm 54 Holes 7mm Grip - Restorate-6416868948493
Save 31%
Mirka Hiolit XO Belts (Pack of 10) - Restorate-6416868524918
Mirka Hiolit XO Belts (Pack of 10)
Sale priceFrom £15.95 Regular price£23.21
Mirka Interface Pad 67H 150mm - Restorate-6416868906424
Mirka Interface Pad 67H 150mm
Sale priceFrom £10.27
Mirka Avomax Antistatic Abrasive Roll - Restorate-6416868251999
Mirka Caratflex Abrasive Sheets 230 x 280mm (Pack of 50) - Restorate-6416868518245
Mirka Mirlon Hand Pads 152 x 229mm (Pack of 20) - Restorate-6416868520132
Mirka Abranet Abrasive Strips 80 x 230mm (Box of 10) - Restorate-6416868280647
Mirka Mirlon Finishing Roll 115mm x 10m - Restorate-6416868849691
Mirka Hand Sanding Kit Handy 80x230mm - Restorate-6416868912005
Mirka Pad Saver 81 x 133mm 54H (Pack of 5) - Restorate-6416868947489
Save 13%
Mirka DEROS / PROS Backing Pad 125mm 5/16" 28H Medium - Restorate-6416868912418
Mirka DEROS / PROS Backing Pad 125mm 5/16" 28H Medium
Sale price£31.25 Regular price£35.98
Save 6%
Mirka DEOS Backing Pad 81 x 133mm 46H - Restorate-6416868927689
Mirka DEOS Backing Pad 81 x 133mm 46H
Sale price£31.25 Regular price£33.11
Mirka Abranet Ace HD 81 x 133mm Sanding Strips (Box of 25) - Restorate-6416868345230
Mirka Pad Saver 125mm 33H (Pack of 5) - Restorate-6416868949513
Save 24%
Mirka Extractor Hose 27mm x 4m for Sanders - Restorate-6416868346329
Mirka Extractor Hose 27mm x 4m for Sanders
Sale price£48.90 Regular price£63.95
Mirka Abranet Ace HD 152mm Delta Abrasive (Box of 25) - Restorate-6416868726633
Save 15%
Mirka DEOS Delta Backing Pad 152mm - Restorate-6416868939170
Mirka DEOS Delta Backing Pad 152mm
Sale price£31.25 Regular price£36.55
Mirka Mixing Cups (Pack of 10) - Restorate-1001100100101
Mirka Q.Silver Abrasive Strip 70 x 125mm (Box of 100) - Restorate-6416868542158
Mirka DEOS Delta Pad Saver 152mm - Restorate-6416868939224
Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 L PC 230V with Hose - Restorate-6416868301359
Mirka CEROS / ROS Backing Pad 150mm 51H - Restorate-6416868938661
Mirka Mirlon Finishing Discs 150mm (Pack of 10) - Restorate-6416868648775
Mirka Hose and Cable Sleeve 3.5m - Restorate-6416868933420
Mirka Pad Saver 125mm 44H - Restorate-6416868941227
Mirka Microstar Finishing Disc 150mm 15H (Box of 50) - Restorate-6416868504866
Mirka Sanding Block 70 x 125 mm 2-Sided Soft/Hard - Restorate-6416868922400
Mirka Goldflex Soft 115 x 140mm Abrasive (Pack of 10) - Restorate-6416868644098

Get fast, dustless sanding with Mirka, one of the largest abrasives and sanding manufacturers in the world. As an official re-seller of Mirka in the UK, we can offer the entire range of award winning, smallest and lightest abrasives on the market such as Mirka Abranet Sanding Pads in 150mm, 125mm and 77mm for the Mirka DEROS,  225mm Abranet Discs for the Mirka LEROS Wall Sander, or Mirka Abranet Sanding Strips such as the 81 x 133mm abrasive strips for the Mirka DEOS. As well as Mirka Abrasives, we also provide tools such as the Mirka DEROS - the smallest and most ergonomic direct electric random orbital sander on the market. It’s a sander developed for effective and dust-free sanding and has the lowest vibration values in its class, and its symmetrical design enables the tool to be used for long periods without fatigue.

Mirka - Pioneers of Dust-free Sanding Solutions

The Mirka range of sanders and abrasives have been developed for over 20 years to set a new industry standard. Trusted by professionals and brands such as Rolls Royce, Bentley and Princess Yachts Mirka are leading the way in the abrasives market.

Mirka Abranet - The Net Abrasive Providing Dust-free Sanding

Mirka Abranet Sanding Discs and Sanding Strips fits on all LEROS wall sanders and sanding tools. The Mirka abrasive attaches to your Mirka tool and sander backing pad to help reduce exposure to harmful sanding dust that can affect your health.

The benefits of dust-free sanding aren't just improved health, but also means you keep a cleaner workspace.

Mirka Sanding Tools - Compact, Ergonomic, and Easy-to-Use

Mirka sanding tools such as the Mirka DEROS Orbital Sander are the most compact, ergonomic, and easy-to-use sander in its class. Effortlessly efficient, the Mirka DEROS is the strongest yet smooth random orbital sander. With the vacuum attached it leaves no sight of dust behind.

Need some Help with Your Mirka Tools and Abrasives? Ask us

Being the authorised retailer of Mirka, we’re on hand to advise you on the right sanders, polishers or accessories to suit you and your next project.

Contact us with any questions related to Mirka products and one of our experts will help you. Call 01285 831668, email or chat to us online.