Wood treatment

Wood Treatment

Preserve exterior wood joinery, beams, fences, sheds and protect from woodworm, insects and mould. Revive greyed and old looking wood back to its original colour with oxalic reviver gel treatments prior to applying a finish to get the best results.



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Osmo WR Basecoat 4001 Clear
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Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Hardener
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Ronseal Ultimate Fence Life Concentrate 1L - Restorate-5010214893829
Ronseal Ultimate Fence Life Concentrate 1L
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We offer wood treatments from leading brands including Barrettine, Liberon, Osmo, Ronseal and Cuprinol.

Wood treatments, such as Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment, are designed to protect exterior timber joinery, such as Fences, Sheds, Beams, Barns, Posts, gates and more from the effects of the British weather. Long cold and wet winters, and then UV exposure and heat in the summer can warp, split and rot wooden structures, causing expensive repairs or replacements. Furthermore, wood boring insects, such as woodworm or wood wasps can cause the wood to break up further. These protective treatment products are all you need to prevent such issues from occurring in the first place.

If your exterior timber is looking a little worse for wear, don’t worry, we have you covered!

What’s the difference between Wood Preserver and Wood Protective Treatment? 

A wood preserver great for treating wood that has never been previously treated, including pressure and heat treating. Products such as the Barrettine Premier Wood Preserver not only prevent rotting but also prevent insect attack and weathering. If the wood has already been manufacturer treated or had a few coats of Wood Preserver in the past year or so, a protective treatment can be used to top up protection. The Barrettine Wood Protective Treatment has a waxy formula which is highly water repellent, and has all the UV insect protection properties of the preserver.

Other types of treatments include End Grain Sealers, Wood Hardeners and Wood Revivers. End Grain Sealers  imported to use for exterior wood end grain because often, the end grain is the most absorbent part of the board. Hence, it is often that the rotting starts, which when sealed, is prevented. 

If wood is already rotten and is too difficult to replace, wood hardeners are great to use to solidify the rotten fibres and prevent further moisture ingress.

Wood revivers clean and revive UV damaged, greyed exterior timber, such as fence panels, decking or unstained window frames back to their original natural colour. The oxalic acid gel, once scrubbed into the surface and left for 30-45 minutes, reacts with the grain and removes black stains and revives the colour prior to finishing.

What rot wood treatment should be used if you find rotten timber?

Use Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Hardener

How do you use wood hardener?

Don’t scrape out all the rotten fibres but remove any that are loose. Apply the hardener plentifully with a brush to allow the solution to get deep in the fibres. Once dry, the rotten fibres will become hard and a 2 part filler will fill any remaining crevice. Sand once all dry and then apply a finish.