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Cuprinol Anti-Slip Decking Stain - Restorate-5010212519646
Cuprinol Anti-Slip Decking Stain
Sale priceFrom £17.95 Regular price£18.95
Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Paint - Restorate-5010214891429
Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Stain - Restorate-5010214892198
Cuprinol Garden Shades - Restorate-5010368061457
Cuprinol Garden Shades
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Ronseal Garden Paint 2.5 Litres - Restorate-5010214874309
Ronseal Garden Paint
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Ronseal 10 Year Woodstain 2.5 Litre - Restorate-5010214886876
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Ronseal 15 Year Protection Direct To Metal Paint - Restorate-5010214892167
Ronseal 15 Year Protection Direct To Metal Paint
Sale priceFrom £10.95 Regular price£15.60
Liberon Extreme Decking Paint 2.5 Litres - Restorate-3282391036692
Rustins Quick Dry Matt Black Paint - Restorate-5015332070039
Rustins Quick Dry Satin Black Paint - Restorate-5015332030026
Rustins Quick Dry Black Gloss Paint - Restorate-5015332002047
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Rustins Aluminium Wood Primer 1 Litre - Restorate-5015332020034
Rustins Aluminium Wood Primer 1 Litre
Sale price£13.00 Regular price£16.25

These paints are designed to preserve the surface below, whilst giving lasting colour which can turn a scruffy looking outside space into a smart, sophisticated place in which you want to spend time to enjoy.

We sell the best exterior wood paint colours from Cuprinol, Ronseal and Dulux

We provide true to life colour swatches for all our products to help you make the best decision for your projects, whether it be painting or staining your decking, adding acesents of bright colour to your flower pots or painting your fences ultra modern greys, we have the palette to suit you.

For preserving your sheds and fences prior to painting use Barrettine’s Universal Preserver. This product will prevent wood boring insects, such as woodworm and protects the timber from wet rot. It also gives a high adhesion surface that paint sticks to.

Garden paints such as Ronseal Garden Paint or Cuprinol Garden Shades are fantastic for all surfaces, including planters, paint for garden furniture, terracotta and rough sawn woods.

For black exterior wood paint, we recommend Rustins Black Exterior Gloss Paint. This paint is perfect for getting a high gloss, even coverage for front doors.

What is the best exterior paint?

Dulux Exterior Paint is called Weathershield for a reason! It is the best exterior paint we sell and we can also colour match designer paints and have a huge paint mixing palette to choose from.

As we’ve mentioned before, the best results come when the surface being painted is prepared well. For exterior walls, use Peelaway paint remover - make sure you try the test sample pack first. For decking, use a decking stripper and for garden furniture or metals with paint on, use Barrettine’s Paint Panther.

Once old coatings are removed, use a decking cleaner (great for preparing all exterior wooden surfaces) prior to painting.

Make sure the wood is rinsed thoroughly and very dry before painting.