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Bona Traffic HD 5 Litre - Restorate-7312799215538
Bona Traffic HD 5 Litre
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Bona Traffic HD Raw 5 Litre - Restorate-7312799486013
Bona Mega Varnish 5 Litre - Restorate-7312790024436
Bona Mega Natural Varnish 5 Litre - Restorate-7312791828019
Bona Mix and Fill - Restorate-4005094340014
Bona Mix and Fill
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Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Refill 4 Litre - Restorate-7312799946401
Bona Classic Primer 5 Litre - Restorate-7312791521422
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Bona Natural Primer 5 Litre - Restorate-7312792516205
Bona Intense Primer 5 Litre - Restorate-7312791519429
Bona Freshen Up 5 Litre - Restorate-7312799933425
Bona White Primer 5 Litre - Restorate-7312792506114

Bona Floor Care Products

Durable, beautiful floors are easily achieved thanks to Bona, the industry leader in floor care products. Since 1919, Bona has provided reliable, quality primers and lacquers for wood floors. As an official distributor, Restorate stocks a full system of award winning, sustainably minded Bona floor treatments, from floor cleaners to white primers. 


Household, commercial and even sporting floors can all benefit from the use of Bona’s exceptionally well performing products. The company’s impressive track record has seen them become a favourite amongst industry professionals and casual DIYers alike.   

Bona - Floors that Will Last a Lifetime

Beauty and durability are the two things that people look for in floors, and when using Bona, both are guaranteed. Bona has been used in some of the world’s busiest and most beautiful buildings, including museums and airports. This is because Bona products like Classic Primer accentuate the natural beauty of wooden floors, achieving a classic light wood look with no risk of yellowing. 


The strength of Bona floors are unquestioned; they are the most durable in the industry and are trusted by international sporting bodies such as FIBA, who use Bona to prepare Olympic basketball courts. This same durability is available outside of sporting settings for those who use Bona Traffic. Bona Traffic is not only resistant to physical damage but also exposure to chemicals, making it perfectly suited for high traffic areas both at home and work.   

Bona - Over 100 years of Sustainability

Ever since Bona was founded, sustainability has been at the forefront of the company’s mind. Bona were the first producers of a full system of water-based, low VOC floor treatments, that includes Bona Traffic HD Raw. The company also uses low impact, renewable raw materials, demonstrating that, when it comes to Bona, sustainability and supreme quality go hand-in-hand.