Weston Mitchell started his journey at the age of 16 as an apprentice. Over 40 years, he learned and mastered three centuries of craftsmanship. Within a few years his bespoke pieces were featured in one of London’s most prestigious shops, Harrods.

Over the decades he became renowned throughout the antiques industry, specialising in the restoration of priceless historic clocks, including original pieces by Thomas Tompion and Joseph Knibb, and preparing items for sale at Christies and Masterpiece.

Known to his loyal customers as Westie, he became synonymous with the fine art of cabinet making. He had the honour of being commissioned by Linley of Pimlico, London, to meticulously create an exquisite clock as a gift.

2005 was the year where Restoration Express was established. Based in the heart of the Cotswolds, with the sole mission to bring specialised products to those who needed them.

A rapid expansion utilising a new e-commerce platform allowed the business to grow expeditiously and become an official distributer of the industry’s most sought after products.

The family business, now known as Restorate is operated by Westie's son, Sam Mitchell. Restorate is investing into its future growth strategy to ensure the existence of specialist knowledge, product and skills for years to come. We intend to create a bright future for the industry and the historic craftsmanship that will live on.

We hope to pass these precious skills to the next generation & become the single point of truth for all our customers.

Please see our new brand video below. A beautiful piece of furniture is not a disposable item but a part of the family, with a legacy that will last for centuries.


To become the trusted innovative market leader, going further than e-commerce, creating a knowledge and community hub for the enthusiast and professional craftsperson.


To unlock our customer’s potential, guiding them to create their own masterpieces. We aim to do this by providing the product required and straight talking advice, delivering a personalised service with competitive prices.


To all our customers that have been with us over the years and for all the support you have given.

Please pop in and say hello. Let us know how you are and how we can help.

Thank you to our hard working and enthusiastic staff, who are always keen to learn and help others.

Please find our full length original Rest Express video below for your viewing pleasure.