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Osmo UV Protection Oil Clear 420 3 Litres - Restorate-4006850860760
Fiddes High Build Exterior Wood Oil - Restorate-5060147671001
Armourflex Ultimate UV Protection Oil Clear Satin - Restorate-5015861006677
Osmo UV Protection Oil Extra - Restorate-4006850757152
Rustins Exterior Wood Oil - Restorate-5015332002153
Rustins Exterior Wood Oil
Sale priceFrom £13.27
Liberon Garden Furniture Oil - Restorate-3282390047019
Ronseal Ultimate Protection Hardwood Garden Furniture Oil - Restorate-5010214873555
Osmo WR Basecoat 4001 Clear - Restorate-4006850900756
Osmo WR Basecoat 4001 Clear
Sale priceFrom £18.91
Liberon Superior Danish Oil - Restorate-5022640028539
Liberon Superior Danish Oil
Sale priceFrom £5.95
Liberon Superior Decking Oil - Restorate-3282391062035
Liberon Superior Decking Oil
Sale priceFrom £27.50
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Cuprinol UV Guard Decking Oil 5 Litres - Restorate-5010212557624
Cuprinol UV Guard Decking Oil 5 Litres
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Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Oil 5 Litre - Restorate-5010214872978
Save 8%
Ronseal Decking Oil - Restorate-5010214851904
Ronseal Nourishing Decking Oil
Sale priceFrom £33.95 Regular price£36.95
Rustins Danish Oil - Restorate-5015332200016
Rustins Danish Oil
Sale priceFrom £7.25
Liberon Teak Oil with UV Filter - Restorate-5022640000795
Liberon Boiled Linseed Oil 1 Litre - Restorate-5022640007138
Liberon Boiled Linseed Oil
Sale priceFrom £8.30
Save 10%
Osmo Decking Oil - Restorate-4006850772759
Osmo Decking Oil
Sale priceFrom £19.22 Regular price£21.36
Barrettine All-In-One Decking Oil 5 Litres - Restorate-5015861002815
Ronseal Teak Oil - Restorate-5010214858194
Ronseal Teak Oil
Sale priceFrom £5.20
Barrettine Anti-Slip Clear Decking Oil 5 Litres - Restorate-5015861005076
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Osmo Anti-Slip Decking Oil 430 Clear - Restorate-4006850832620
Osmo Anti-Slip Decking Oil 430 Clear
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Osmo Teak Oil Spray Clear 008 400ml - Restorate-4006850901227

Wood Oils such as Danish Oil, Teak and Linseed are traditionally used to protect exterior surfaces including window frames, gates, sheds, doors and beams. Brands such as Osmo, Liberon and Fiddes have enhanced their exterior oils, boasting UV Protection with tints and easy application.

Exterior wood oils are the best way to nourish and protect exterior wood joinery and structures. From decking to exterior beams, from garden benches to planters, wood oil will prevent wood wet rot, UV damage, warping and splitting.


We have a large range of exterior wood oils from industry respected brands such as, Osmo, Liberon, Ronseal, Cuprinol, Barrettine and Rustins. Wood oils have come a long way in recent years. New formulas have far better UV protection, deeper soaking and have increased wear resistance. It’s really important to know which oil to buy, based on the material and the use of the surface that the wood oil is being applied to. 


Osmo UV Protection Oil is one of our best selling products and is fantastic. However, it is not suitable for use on horizontal surfaces such as tables and benches or foot traffic prone areas, such as Decking or steps. 


Decking Oils are very multi functional and are great for use on most exterior timber surfaces. They are incredibly hard wearing and often last for long periods of time, making them perfect for benches, steps and even window frames. 


What is the best decking oil for soft woods? We recommend Liberon Decking Oil for ease of use, great price and long lasting protection.

 If my decking has grayed, how do I get it back to looking new? The most thorough way is to sand the deck but this is a relatively long process and without extraction potentially messy. The quickest and most popular way is to use an oxalic acid based reviver gel. Osmo produces the Osmo Reviver Power Gel and Barrettine their Barrettine Wood Reviver

If you’re not sure which exterior wood oil is best for you, please give us a call on 01285 831 668 or email us on Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 5:30pm.