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Liberon Superior Danish Oil - Restorate-5022640028539
Liberon Superior Danish Oil
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Rustins Danish Oil - Restorate-5015332200016
Rustins Danish Oil
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Liberon Teak Oil with UV Filter - Restorate-5022640000795
Ronseal Ultimate Protection Hardwood Garden Furniture Stain 750ml - Restorate-5010214864294
Ronseal Ultimate Protection Hardwood Garden Furniture Oil - Restorate-5010214873555
Osmo WR Basecoat 4001 Clear - Restorate-4006850900756
Osmo WR Basecoat 4001 Clear
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Ronseal Teak Oil - Restorate-5010214858194
Ronseal Teak Oil
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Liberon Garden Furniture Oil - Restorate-3282390047019
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Liberon Exterior Wood Protector - Restorate-3282391033677
Mylands Wood Finishing Oil 5 Litres - Restorate-5025877147080
Osmo Teak Oil Spray Clear 008 400ml - Restorate-4006850901227
Osmo Garden Furniture Maintenance Kit - Restorate-4006850642229

These oils seal and protect the wood whilst enhancing the wood grain’s natural beauty. Most garden furniture oils contain UV protection to prevent the wood from silvering.

The best way to bring back the natural colour of the wood, as if it was new, is to use either Osmo Power Gel or Barrettine Wood Reviver. These oxalic acid gels create a chemical reaction with the wood surface which revives the colour and cleans the wood. This is recommended prior to oiling if the outdoor furniture has greyed. 

If you have teak garden furniture, we would recommend buying Teak Oil. Teak Oils are not coloured but they are thinner in viscosity which makes them easier for dense grained and naturally oily woods to absorb. 

For hardwood exterior garden furniture, such as Iroko, oak or cedar, the best oil to use is the Ronseal hardwood Garden Furniutre Oil, which is specifically formulated for this woods. 

If you have rotten pieces, we recommend using a wood hardener, such as the Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Hardener and fill any crevices with an appropriate coloured 2 part wood filler. Sand locally after and finish over the top. 

Garden furniture oils will protect throughout the spring, summer and autumn months, but we do recommend covering wooden garden furniture during winter months when there may be long periods of very wet weather and frosts.