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Liberon Superior Anti Slip Decking Stain - Restorate-3282391062141
Liberon Superior Anti Slip Decking Stain
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Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Paint - Restorate-5010214891429
Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Paint
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Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Stain - Restorate-5010214892198
Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Stain
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The Decking Paint and Stain market is dominated by three main manufacturers; Ronseal, Cuprinol and Liberon. We offer all three at Restorate!

Decking Paints and Stains are a great option for getting colour into your garden and there is quite a range to choose from! We also recommend this type of decking finish for slightly older decks that might be looking a little worse for wear. 

Giving your decking a good clean prior to applying these finishes is an absolute must, and we stock a Decking Cleaner from each manufacturer. Prior to painting, it’s important to make sure the decking is stripped back to raw wood. This can be easily done by using Ronseal Decking Stripper and a stiff bristled broom. Once completed, use Ronseal Decking Clean and Reviver to remove any residue or grease to help the paint stick better. Allow the deck to dry fully before painting.

For decking that has visible cracks and splits, or has an old patchy finish that you can't get off, we recommend purchasing Decking Paint, such as Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Paint or Liberon Decking Paint. These are thicker in consistency (the Ronseal is thicker than the Liberon) which covers and fills any patchiness, splits or cracks, making the decking look great for yet another summer!

What is the difference between Decking Paint and Decking Stain?

  • Decking Paint is high build (thicker consistency), so better fills cracks and splits and gives opaque bold colour. Decking Paint has better weather and UV protection and is recommended for older decking boards.
  • Decking Stain is a thinner consistency so you can see the natural wood grain through the colour of the finish. Decking Stains tend to have better anti slip properties as it is more textured.

What are the most popular decking paint colours? 

Over the past 10 years, grey decking paint and black decking paints have been by far the most popular colours in the Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Paint.