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Ronseal Garden Paint - Restorate-5010214874309
Ronseal Garden Paint
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Ronseal Ultimate Protection Decking Oil 5 Litre
Sale price£36.95 Regular price£38.65
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Ronseal Decking Oil - Restorate-5010214851904
Ronseal Nourishing Decking Oil
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Ronseal Teak Oil
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Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint - Restorate-5010214857548
Ronseal Diamond Hard garage Floor Paint
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Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Hardener
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Ronseal Multi-Purpose Wood Filler 325g - Restorate-5010214808106
Ronseal Multi-Purpose Wood Filler 325g
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Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor Paint 5 Litre - Restorate-5010214857647
Ronseal Diamond Hard Garage Floor Paint 5 Litre
Sale price£36.40 Regular price£45.50

Ronseal Paints and Stains
Ronseal is one of the most respected wood care specialist brands in the world because of its consistent, affordable and straight forward products. This reputation has been well earned; many of Ronseal’s products are BBA accredited, indicating their superiority and excellence.

As an official stockist of Ronseal, Restorate offers a broad range of Ronseal’s most favoured products for everything from tackling wet rot to painting garage floors. And of course, because it's Ronseal, you can rest assured that whatever you buy, it will do exactly what it says on the tin. 

Ronseal Decking Treatments - Everything you Need
Maintaining a decking can be a lot of work with stripping, nourishing and protecting all required to ensure the timber looks its best all year round. Fortunately, Ronseal’s extensive range of decking treatments offer fast acting and long lasting solutions to any and all issues facing your decking. 

For example, Ronseal’s Ultimate Protection Decking Stain lasts twice as long as other stains on the market while also providing protection from both weathering and UV rays. This unique product works like an oil and looks like a stain, a fact that has seen it become hugely popular across the country. Not all decks require stripping and staining. In fact, some just require a little reviving, a simple process that takes all of 15 minutes with Ronseal’s Decking Restorer

Ronseal Interior - Treatments and Paints for Inside the Home

Since it was founded in 1956, Ronseal has become best known for wood treatments. However, Restorate also stocks several other Ronseal products, which bring the company’s expertise inside the home. Ronseal’s Diamond Hard Floor Paint is one such example, offering your wooden, concrete or stone floors protection from detergent, bleach, alcohol, grease and dirt as well as physical damages such as scuffs and scrapes. 

An alternative, Diamond Hard Garage Floor Paint, is even available for garages. This unique formula protects against all of the above while also providing a tough barrier that can withstand grease, dirt, oil spills and hot tyres.