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Jenkins Paste Floor Wax
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Jenkins Joint Filler Gel
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Jenkins Garnet polish
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Jenkins Finishing Spirit
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Jenkins Gold Size
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W.S Jenkins are one of the oldest remaining manufacturers of high quality traditional wood finishes. Their labels might not be the prettiest but the product is widely respected as the benchmark for antique restoration materials from wood stains to French Polishes.

All Jenkins’ products are made in Tottenham, London to the same recipes used for nearly a hundred years. Many antique restorers trust the formulas that they were trained with and so many of Jenkins' customers are incredibly loyal.

Jenkins produce the Harrell’s Wax range, which are internationally famous for their quality and traditional nourishing qualities. 

What sets Jenkins apart from other manufacturers is the range of traditional products still made. Where others have discarded older recipes due to falling demand, Jenkins have held firm, producing essential restoration products such as Jecofil grain filler, wide varieties of French Polish and professional wood oil stains.

Besides wax polishes, Jenkins are known for their other wood finishing items. Including Jenkins Finishing Spirit, a clear spirit often used for removing the last coat of French polish. Or, since it contains a touch of shellac, it can be applied through a rubber, and used as a thin shellac polish.

Jenkins Antiquing Fluid can be used to give new metals like brass, copper, or bronze an antique look. As such, it’s commonly used in antique restoration. The colouration level depends on the dilution of the antiquing fluid.

Best sellers from the Jenkins wood finishes range include Oxalic Acid Crystals, the ideal stain and rust remover that works on a variety of surfaces. The Paste Floor Wax is popular for providing protection and natural care for both old and new floors - a perfect alternative to the traditional Johnson's Traffic Wax . Whether you need the very best quality Button Polish, or a classic shellac Table Top Polish.

Restorate are proud to offer Jenkins’ entire range to our customers. If there is a product not on our website, please contact us on 01285 831668 and request a back order.