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Rustins Wood Dye - Restorate-5015332650415
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Rustins Wood Dye - Restorate-5015332650187
Rustins Wood Dye - Restorate-5015332650187
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Rustins Wood Dye - Restorate-5015332650187
Rustins Wood Dye - Restorate-5015332650187
Rustins Wood Dye - Restorate-5015332650187
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Rustins Wood Dye

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Colour:Antique Pine
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Rustins Wood Dye is a quick drying, light fast, versatile, solvent based wood dye. It does not raise the grain, and colours can be intermixed to produce the exact shade required. Rustins Wood Dye is suitable for use indoors and outdoors, but must be finished with a suitable coating such as Varnish, Finishing Oil or Shellac Polish. The Dye can be added to Rustins Danish Oil in a ratio of up to 20% dye to oil in order to tint the finish. Tinting the top coat enables more colour to be introduced which should also increase the colour intensity of the top coat, this can be especially useful when using on dense hardwoods that don’t readily except stains or with some resinous softwoods that have a tendency to absorb the stain unevenly.

Ensure that the wood is clean, dry and free from any previous finish and potential contaminants. If the timber to be coloured has previously been wax polished, then clean the surface with Methylated Spirits and Liberon grade 0000 Steel Wool, rubbing with the grain and then wiping off with a clean lint free cloth.

With a cotton rag, brush or applicator, apply an even coat of wood dye and wipe away any excess. The final colour will depend on the original colour of the wood and the product used to over-coat the dye. A deeper colour will be achieved on softwoods than on hardwoods. A single coat is usually enough and should only be used on hardwoods, but a second coat can be applied to softwoods if a deeper colour is needed. To lighten the shade it can be diluted 2 parts dye to 1 part white spirit. 

The ideal temperature range for applying this product is between 15-25°C.

Available colours:  Antique Pine, Brown Mahogany, Dark Oak, Dark Teak, Ebony, Light Oak, Light Teak, Medium Oak, Pine, Red Mahogany, Walnut.


No. of coats: 1-2
Coverage: Up to 24 square metres per litre
Drying time: 6-8 hours 
Re-coat: 8 hours (or overnight if topping with acrylic water-based varnish)
Sizes: 250ml, 1 litre, 2.5 litres
Clean up: White spirit