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Barrettine Methylated Spirits - Restorate-5015861050014

Barrettine Methylated Spirits

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Perfect for thinning spirit based French polishes, stains, washing brushes or glass cleaning. Methylated Spirits is a DIY homecare and restoration must have.

  • Use for degreasing any surface
  • Environmentally friendly option for general cleaning
  • Staple product for Antique Restorers
  • Effective for gentle removal of waxes and polishes

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Mineralised Methylated Spirit is commonly known as Meths, Denatured Alcohol or Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol).  It is a virgin alcohol mixed with a small quantity of Methanol to make it unfit for consumption and dyed purple.

Methylated Spirits (Meths) can be used to thin spirit based stains, is a solvent base in Shellac Polish. It is widely used for cleaning and as a fuel for Meths burning stoves (these are often used on boats for safety reasons as the vapour released when burnt is water). Leaving your paint brushes overnight in a jar of Meths will enable them to be cleaned easily with warm soapy water the next day. Other uses include Fondues, camping burners and degreasing model railway and Scalextric tracks.

Furniture restorers and French Polishers regularly use Methylated Spirit when cleaning, removing wax and stripping furniture with Fine steel wool or Nylon Pads. It is commonly used to dilute French polishes when finishing fine furniture.  Methylated spirit is added to the polishing rubber to thin the polish once you have applied a couple of coats of shellac polish, gradually adding more spirit with more coats. This process (known as spiriting off) helps to flatten the surface, fill the grain and produces a high gloss finish.

Methylated spirits burns with a blue flame that can be almost invisible in strong light. It mainly produces water vapour when burning.

Household cleaning and disinfecting using Methylated Spirits is a tried and tested application.


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