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Rustins Rust Remover 125ml

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Rustins Rust Remover is a special formula that removes surface rust from ferrous metals such as iron and steel and can act as a cleaner for brass, copper and bronze. It is also very good for etching galvanized steel prior to priming.  Any old paint may be hiding rust and should be taken off with a suitable paint remover.

Prepare by cleaning any grease from the surface and remove any loose rust with a wire brush.  

Liberally brush on the acid solution and leave until the rust has been dissolved or until dry.  A second application may be needed if the rust is very thick.  Once the rust has been removed, clean the metal surface with Methylated Spirits prior to painting and clean brushes with water.  

Keep out of reach of Children. Wear suitable protective gloves and eye/face covering when applying.  


No. of coats: 1-2
Coverage: Dependant on thickness of rust
Drying time: 4-6 hours
Clean up: Water