Liberon Extreme Wood Stain


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Liberon Extreme Woodstain is a highly durable wood stain with added UV protection that is specially developed to protect exterior wood against severe weathering (i.e. ice, snow, rain, heat) and prolonged exposure to sunlight. The highest quality exterior wood stain giving protection for up to 10 years on all exposed exterior timber including Doors, Window Frames, Gates, Cladding and Fences.

In preparation, ensure that the wood is clean and dry.  If applying to bare wood, brush and remove all traces of dust.  A higher level of protection can be achieved by treating the bare wood with a preservative before staining.  On previously stained wood, brush to remove any flaking pieces and sand to a smooth finish, removing all dust.  Varnished or painted wood will need to be treated with a suitable product prior to staining.  Oily woods should be degreased before the stain is applied.

Stir well and apply a minimum of 2 coats with a brush, roller or sprayer (dilute 10% with water if spraying).  On new timber or on surfaces that are heavily exposed to the elements a third coat should be applied if using a light coloured stain.  

Liberon advice: Apply out of direct sunlight and where there is good ventilation. This prevents the wood-stain from drying too quickly.  The ideal temperature range for application is between 12-25 degrees C.



Coverage (m²/L) 12
Size 1L
Coats Required 2-3
Drying Time 4 hours between coats-24 hours final
Colour Honey Pine
Colour Medium Oak
Colour Poplar
Colour Spanish Cedar
Colour Teak
Brand Liberon
Base Water


Coats recommended : 2-3 coats

Dry time : 24 hours. 4 hours between coats. 

Coverage : Up to 12m² per litre

Clean : Water

Application : Brush, roller, or spray

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