Jenkins Antiquing Fluid 500ml - Restorate-

Jenkins Antiquing Fluid 500ml

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Jenkins Antiquing Fluid is a cold patination treatment which will colour new or bright brass, copper or bronze to give an antique look. It is ideal for use in antique restoration and can be used on a variety of unlacquered metals. The level of colouration is controlled by the dilution.

Brown Antiquing Fluid will age brass, copper and bronze.  The black version will age brass, copper, cast iron and new steel.

Preparation: Remove any metal lacquer using paint remover or similar solvents. Thoroughly remove and clean any grease or oil, including fingerprints, with Cold Solvent and Ultra Fine Steel Wool (0000), rinse with cold water, then wipe or blow dry.

Please note, proper preparation of the surface is essential if a uniform colour is to be achieved.

Application: Dilute the Antiquing Fluid approx 1:10 with water. Apply the diluted Antiquing Fluid directly onto the item, using either cotton wool or a brush and watch the surface change colour.  

Alternatively, the item may be immersed in the solution until the colour change is achieved. Contact time may vary depending on the item being treated, but 2 - 10 minutes is average. Gently move the item whilst immersed to dislodge any air bubbles that may result in bright spots on the metal.

*  Please note that a dilution stronger than 10% will change the colour on the metal more rapidly, so take care that you are able to arrest the chemical reaction with water before the colour change goes too far.

Post Treatment: After the desired colour has been achieved, immediately rinse thoroughly in cold water. Failure to rinse the item properly will result in a continued chemical reaction even when dry and a powdery residue may build up on the surface.

A dilute alkaline rinse is also advisable to neutralize any residual acids. If available, a hot air dryer or oven should be used to dry the item afterwards. Wipe off any powdery residue with a sponge. 

The treated surface may be protected with the application of Renaissance Wax Polish using a soft lint free cloth and buffed to the required sheen.