Rustins Ring Remover 125ml - Restorate-5015332690299

Rustins Ring Remover 125ml

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This is a mixture of fine abrasives suspended in a water-based medium and is used to remove water and heat marks from surfaces such as varnish, lacquer and French polish.  It can also revitalise glossy finishes and remove minor surface imperfections.

To apply, pour the remover onto a lint-free cloth and rub while applying pressure onto the area to be treated.  Work in the direction of the grain until the mark is removed.  If the mark does not disappear then repeat the process until it is removed.  Buff with a clean cloth then re-wax as needed.  More deeply ingrained marks can be treated by applying the Ring Remover with a 0000 grade steel wool.  The same grade of steel wool can be used to matt a surface down if the remover has made it too glossy.

The optimum temperature range for using this product is between 15-25°C.  Depending on the absorbency of the substrate, coverage is between 10-12 square metres per litre.  Application materials can be cleaned in warm soapy water.