Renaissance Metal De-Corroder - Restorate-649387000106
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Renaissance Metal De-Corroder - Restorate-649387000106

Renaissance Metal De-Corroder

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Renaissance Metal De-Corroder is a safe, non-toxic product for the removal of rust from Iron, Bronze, Copper (and alloys), Brass, Steel, Zinc and galvanised metals.  It is also effective at cleaning scale and rusty water stains and can remove rust stains from stone.

Metal De-Corroder works by selectively rupturing the bond between the base metal and the corrosion layer.  Rust is reduced to a sludge which can simply be wiped or brushed away.  The de-corrosion process is arrested simply by rinsing with clean water.

The conservator has complete control of the process as even a prolonged immersion of several days will have no significant effect on sound metal.  However, frequent checks should still be made until the metal has been returned to the required condition.

Metal De-Corroder is completely benign in use, eliminating the safety and health hazards that might normally be associated with the use of de-rusting products that are based on phosphoric or hydrochloric acids.  The usual common sense precautions such as ventilating the work area well and the use of gloves should still be observed though.

Once the metal has been treated the surface will remain stabilised for up to 14 days, leaving ample time for the application of a protective product such as Renaissance Wax or a metal lacquer.

To prepare the surface remove any loose rust or scale with a wire brush and then degrease the metal.  The treatment is at its most effective between temperatures of 10-20°C.  Colder temperatures will slow down the process.  Immersed items could be clear of light corrosion in as little as two minutes.  For heavier rusting a longer period of immersion will be necessary.  Periodically check the progress by rubbing the item with a finger.  Brushing will speed the process along.

Suitable treatment vessels can be made from mild steel, porcelain, rubber, polythene or other plastics.  Galvanised, tin, zinc or lead-lined containers would NOT be suitable.  The product can remain active for many weeks, so after use the solution (once separated from any sediment) can be siphoned into a clean container.