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Mirka DEROS / PROS Backing Pad 150mm 5/16" 48H

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Replacement 150mm backing pad for Mirka's DEROS650CV and PROS650CV random orbital sanders. Regular replacement is crucial for the longevity of the sander.

  • 48 holes for effective extraction
  • Available in Medium and Hard densities
  • Prolong the life of the back pad by using alongside a pad saver
  • Polishing products can be attached to the backing pad

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Replacement backing pad for Mirka's revolutionary electric DEROS650CV and air PROS650CV random orbital sanders.  This low profile backing pad features 48 holes with air channels to the centre of the pad for effective dust extraction when used with a suitable abrasive such as Mirka Abranet or Grip discs and a with dust extractor in use.  It comes in medium or hard densities.  Medium density has a little flex and is appropriate for general use with the hard density version, having less flex, being best suited to sanding very flat surfaces.

It is also possible to attach polishing products to this backing pad.  While best results would be obtained with a polisher, some products such as Lambswool Pads or Waffle Pads can be used.

Regular replacement is crucial for the longevity of the sander. Worn backing pads weigh less, upsetting the balance of the machine, causing vibration and consequently motor and speed controller damage.  The pad is changed with a 24mm wrench that is supplied with the sander.  Spares are available if needed.

To prolong the life of the backing pad it is advised to use pad savers.  These are thin discs with hook and loop attachment on both sides.  They fit between the backing pad and the abrasive disc and will take the strain if aggressive sanding is taking place or the abrasives are being frequently changed.  A pad saver is included with the backing pad but these should be changed regularly.

When sanding contoured surfaces, better results will be obtained with the use of an interface pad.  This is a foam disc either 5 or 10mm deep which goes between the backing pad and abrasive disc and provides cushioning when working on a profiled surface.

- 130g for balanced orbit

- 150mm

- 5/16” thread and 48 extraction holes

Mirka code: 8292605011