Fiddes Non Grain Raising Wood Stain


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Use Fiddes NGR (Non Grain Raising) spirit based wood dye for exceptional depth of colour on all interior wood surfaces! Fiddes NGR Wood Dyes can be mixed with Fiddes range of Shellac Polish or Cellulose Lacquers to give further colour between coats. Fiddes NGR Spirit Dyes are quick drying and easy to use.

Apply with a lint free cloth or sponge in the direction of the wood grain where possible.  Immediately wipe away any excess with a clean absorbent cloth, again following the grain.  Wipe evenly to obtain a uniform colour.  One coat is usually sufficient but further coats can be applied if you wish to deepen the colour.  There is no need to sand between coats.


Coats Required 1
Coverage (m²/L) 16
Size 1L
Drying Time 30-40 minutes room temperature
Colour Brown Mahogany
Colour Dark Oak
Colour Jacobean Oak
Colour Light Oak
Colour Medium Oak
Colour Teak
Colour Walnut
Brand Fiddes
Base Spirit

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