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Fiddes Light Fast Water Stain 1 Litre

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Colour:Light Oak
Size:1 Litre
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Fiddes Light Fast Water Stains, are easy to use and are manufactured to give a consistent depth of colour with excellent light fast properties, for use on all interior wood surfaces.

Fiddes Light Fast Water Stains can be applied by hand or spray, giving a clean and consistent outward appearance and are suitable for use under any of Fiddes wood finish products.  

It is suitable for use on furniture, doors, floors, cabinet work and panelling.

Sand the wooden surface in varying stages, beginning with a medium grade sandpaper (120 grit) through to a medium/fine grade (180-240 grit). Always ensure sanding is in the direction of the grain pattern and remove any marks and glue residue prior to application of Fiddes Light Fast Water Stains. Make sure all sanding dust is removed and always test Fiddes Light Fast Water Stains on a discreet area to establish finished result.

Stir the contents well before use and always check the shade before applying.  The stain can be mixed with Fiddes Light Fast Water Concentrate in order to closely colour match an existing finish.

Use a clean, lint free cotton cloth or foam pad and apply in the direction of the wood grain. Ensure any excess stain is immediately removed with a separate absorbent cloth. Wipe evenly to obtain an even coverage, using a degree of pressure to blend the stain over the whole area to be treated. Leave to dry, but do not sand between coats.

If required, additional coats can be applied to deepen the existing colour.  It can be used under any of the Fiddes wood finishes, such as Hard Wax Oil or Clear Glaze

Available colours: Light Oak, Medium Oak, Dark Oak, Mahogany, Teak, Walnut


No. of coats:
Coverage (m²/L): 16 
Drying time: 1 hour at room temperature
Thinners: Water
Clean up: Water