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Bona White Primer 5 Litre

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Bona White Primer will give your untreated wooden floor a Scandinavian style white washed look, without having to use stain or bleach.

A single coat of primer will deliver a light whitewashed effect and on some lighter coloured wood species it can give the impression of raw, untreated wood.  For a greater depth of white colour two or more coats can be applied.  Once the desired look has been achieved the floor will need to be finished with one of Bona's lacquers.

Please note the final result will vary on the level of tannins within the wood, therefore it is strongly advised to do a test patch beforehand.  This primer is best suited to lighter coloured woods.  Species that have a high tannin content may affect the final colour both short and long term.  This primer is not recommended for use on darker or 'red' woods.


The surface to be treated needs to be sanded back to bare wood, dry and dust free.  For the final sanding use a 120 grit abrasive.

Allow the primer to reach room temperature then shake the container thoroughly before use.  Ideally the working environment should be between 18-25°C with a relative air humidity between 30-60%.  It should not be applied in temperatures below 13°C. 

Decant into tray and apply evenly with the grain using a microfibre roller and avoiding excess build up of product. Once dry after 2-3 hours, de-nib with Mirka Goldflex Soft 115 x 140mm (pack of 10) in P150 or finer.  Make sure to remove all dust before applying another coat.  This should be done after each application in case the grain is raised.

Typical treatment would be 2 to 3 coats of White Primer topped with 1-2 coats of a Bona lacquer.  It is advised to apply two coats of lacquer to commercial floors.  Please note that multiple coats of primer may obscure the wood grain.



Coats: 1-3
Coverage: 10-12 square metres per litre
Drying time: 2-3 hours
Base: Acrylate/polyurethane
Application: Microfibre roller