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Bona Traffic HD Raw 5 Litre

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Bona Traffic HD Raw gives the look and feel of natural wood, combined with a high level of protection.  It is a professional grade 2 part waterborne floor lacquer robust enough to cope with commercial use and also the most demanding of domestic situations, especially if pets are present.

Please note: the surface will need to be treated with a Bona Primer, for the best appearance of raw wood, one coat of Bona White Primer is recommended.

Application:  To start, make sure the floor has been well sanded and is free from sanding dust, oil, wax or any other possible contaminants.  Let the lacquer and hardener come up to room temperature before use.

Shake the bottle of Traffic HD and add the hardener (included), shake the contents well for a minute, then insert the enclosed filter.  The optimum temperature range for application is between 18-25°C with a relative air humidity between 30-60%.  If it is applied in warmer and less humid conditions the drying time will be shortened.  If applied in cooler, more humid conditions then the drying time will be extended.  Do not attempt to apply this product if the temperature in the work area drops below 13°C.

Apply evenly with a roller, maintaining a 'wet edge' and avoiding excess build ups of the product. Three coats are needed, typically one coat of Primer followed by two coats of lacquer.  Allow the first coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next coat.  If sanding between layers is needed use a 150 grit abrasive and remove the dust.

Light foot traffic is possible after 24 hours but full use should not be attempted until the surface has fully cured after 7 days.  Avoid covering the surface or damp mopping it during this time.




No. of coats: 1 - 2
Coverage: 8-10 square metres per litre
Drying Time: 3-4 hours between coats, 24 hours light use, 7 days full hardness
Pot life: 3 hours max at 20°C - less if warmer
Size: 5L
Application Tool: Roller
Base: Water
Clean up: Water (Acetone if material has dried)