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Barrettine Premier Woodworm Killer

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Barrettine Premier Spirit based Woodworm Killer is a traditional low odour solvent/spirit based timber treatment that absorbs deep into the wood to eradicate woodworm and other wood-boring insects.  It is suitable for use on interior or exterior wood.

Barrettine Premier Woodworm Killer is ideal for use on furniture, flooring and many other internal timber structures, helping prevent re-infestation.  It is effective against Common Furniture Beetle, House Longhorn Beetle, Powder Post Beetle and wood boring Weevils.  If in direct contact, it can also kill woodworm larvae and eggs.

Before using, vacuum away any bore dust or sawdust as this will absorb the woodworm killer.  Apply by brush or low pressure spray to clean, dry wood.  If using indoors make sure the area is well ventilated.  The wood will need to be clean, dry and free of and free from any potential surface contaminants.  Ensure that all surfaces are wet after the product has been applied but not saturated, paying particular attention to end grain, joints and exit holes.

1 litre of woodworm killer will cover around 5 square metres in a single application.  2 coats are recommended to ensure an infestation is dealt with and the chance of re-infestation is minimised.  Insufficient treatment may not stop an existing attack or prevent future infestations. Allow at least an hour between applications and 48 hours for the wood to dry completely.

Once dry, any wood treated with Barrettine Woodworm Killer can be refinished with stain, oil, paint or varnish.  The holes left by departing insects can be filled with a suitable wood stopping.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This product should not be used on areas where food is being prepared or consumed.



No. of coats:
Size: 250ml, 500ml spray, 5 litre
Drying time:
48-72 hours
Coverage (m²/L): 6-8
Brand: Barrettine
Clean up: White spirit