Ronseal Garden Paint 2.5 Litre


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Ronseal Garden Paint 2.5 litre adds colour and interest to just about anything in your garden.

Whatever you decide to paint, whether it is Wood, Metal, Brick, Stone or Terracotta, it will be transformed and be weather protected.

To apply, firstly make sure dry conditions are forecast and the temperature will remain above 10 degrees C.  New wood needs time to weather - typically around 6 weeks.  After this time lightly sand the surface then wipe with a lint free cloth dampened with Methylated Spirit.

Older wood should be sanded then wiped down with White Spirit to remove any surface grease.  Sheds or fences can be prepared with a stiff wire brush.  If applying to brick or stone, simply brush away and loose dirt and wipe clean. To prepare Terracotta, lightly sand to remove any glaze until water no longer beads on the surface.  On metal, use a grey primer before applying darker colours and white primer if using lighter colours.

Stir the tin well and brush on (in the direction of the grain if applying to wood) then allow 4 hours before the next coat.  If applying to a smooth surface, sand lightly between the second and third coats.

Coats recommended : 3 coats

Dry time : Four Hours

Coverage : Up to 12m² per litre

Clean : Warm soapy water

Application : Brush


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