Ureka Aerolite 306 UF Woodworking Adhesive 1kg - Restorate-

Ureka Aerolite 306 UF Woodworking Adhesive 1kg

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Component:Aerolite 306 Powder Resin 1kg
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Aerolite 306 Urea-formaldehyde glue is perfect for interior and exterior joinery and furniture making. Mix with water at a ratio of 2 parts glue to 1 part water by weight to make a smooth brushable paste. For the strongest bond use the Prefere 5326X hardener. It will result in a gap-filling, water resistant adhesive which is highly resistant to mould and fungal growth.  

In preparation, the surfaces to be joined will need to be thoroughly sanded and free from dust or any other potential contaminants.  It is best practice to store the wood in reasonably warm and dry conditions for several days before being glued.  Best results will be achieved when the moisture content of the wood is between 7-13%.  However, if hot pressing at temperatures in excess of 105°C the moisture content must not exceed 10%.  There should be no more than 3% variation in the moisture content of the surfaces to be glued.

To apply, spread the resin onto one of the surfaces and leave until tacky.  Apply the hardener to the other surface and bring the two together while the hardener is still moist, maintaining firm contact until the glue sets.



* To avoid iron contamination use plastic or glass containers during application and avoid using any applicator that may contain iron.


Assembly Times with Prefere 5326X

 10°C 15°C 20°C 25°C
30 min 20 min 10 min 5 min


Clamping Times with Prefere 5326X

10°C 15°C 20°C 25°C 30°C
5-6 hours 2 hr 45 min 1 hr 45 min 1 hr 15 min 1 hour