Spax Wirox T-STAR Plus Flat Countersunk Head Screws


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Spax Universal Wirox screws have a flush countersunk head, T-Star bit head for better driving and require no pre-drilling. The 4Cut thread at the head of the screw also reduces the chance of the wood splitting, even when entering close to the edge of the wood.

Chrome(IV) Free

Certificates: MPA, SKH-013, European Approval

Bit Required: T-STAR Plus T20

Key Features:
Spax CUT Point: Spax unique cutting tip ribs allow precision placement of the screw, along with the ground serrations alleviating the need for pre-drilling of holes.

Partial Thread: Spax MDF screws have a partial thread giving firm tightening of the upper wood.

Self Countersinking Head: The small 75deg. milling head is designed to self-countersink and ensures a quick, secure and flush fitting.

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