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Rustins Yacht Varnish

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Rustins Yacht Varnish is formulated on Tung Oil. It has outstanding adhesion and is guaranteed not to flake or peel when applied correctly as per directions.

It will offer maximum protection and excellent durability and flexibility on all marine and other exterior hardwoods and softwoods, including windows, doors and cladding.  It gives good resistance to rain, sunlight, frost, salt, and chemical atmospheric pollution.  It also conforms to Safety of Toys regulation EN71.3.  

In preparation, ensure that the surface is clean, dry, smooth and free from any potential contaminants, such as oil or grease.  If the timber to be varnished has an open grain then it may be necessary to use a Grain Filler first.  Repair any holes or cracks with a suitable wood filler.  Yacht varnish can be applied over an existing coating providing it is in good condition and lightly sanded to provide a key.  Coatings in poor condition should be taken off with a suitable remover.  If a wood preserver has been used a small test patch should be done to make sure the varnish adheres and dries properly.

Apply the varnish by brush and if going onto new wood thin the first coat with white spirit to a 25% dilution.  Three coats are usually sufficient but heavily weathered wood and porous end grains may need more.  Allow 12 hours drying time between coats.

When re-coating becomes necessary, clean the surface with a mild detergent then lightly sand before applying new varnish.

The optimum temperature range for application is 15-25°C.  Do not use below 10°C or in conditions of high humidity.




Drying time: 12 hours depending on temperature and humidity
Coverage: 13m² per litre
No. of coats: 3
Size: 500ml or 2.5 litre
Sheen: Gloss or satin
Clean up: White spirit