Rustins Quick Dry Floor Varnish - Restorate-5015332000029
Rustins Quick Dry Floor Varnish - Restorate-5015332000029
Rustins Quick Dry Floor Varnish - Restorate-5015332000036

Rustins Quick Dry Floor Varnish

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Rustins Quick Drying Floor Varnish 

This is a water-based, self-crosslinking, low odour floor coating that dries to a hardwearing, durable and transparent finish.

As well as being suitable for use on new and reclaimed bare wood, MDF and hardboard, it can also be used on cork, concrete, stone, quarry and unsealed terracotta tiles leaving the floor alcohol and water resistant.

When dry, Rustins latest version of their Quick Drying (QD) Floor Varnish has very little effect on the colour of the wood, which is non-yellowing with age.

In preparation the surface must be clean, dry and free from any previous wax finish.  Any remaining wax can be taken off with Wax and Polish Remover.  Fill any nail holes or small cracks with wood stopping.  If the wood needs to be coloured then use Rustins Wood Dye before varnishing.This product should not be applied over Knotting or Sanding Sealer.

Apply three coats evenly and liberally with a good quality brush, Floor Brush or Microfibre Roller, working in the direction of the grain. If this varnish is to be used in commercial premises a fourth coat should be applied to ensure maximum durability.  If applying to power floated concrete or dense surfaces such as stone, the first coat should be diluted 1:1 with water.  When using on wood, if the grain is raised after the first coat has dried then lightly sand smooth before applying the next coat.

Light foot traffic is allowed after 2 hours. Maximum hardness is achieved after three days, so for long lasting protection, heavy use should be avoided during this period.  Once the surface has fully cured it can be clean by mopping with a mild detergent.  Stir well both before and during use otherwise satin finishes may dry glossy.

Ideally this varnish should be applied in temperatures between 15-25°C.  Do not use if their is high humidity or the temperature goes below 10°C.

Available in:
2.5 litre or 5 litres - Clear Satin or Clear Gloss

Maintenance: Your floor can be easily kept clean by mopping with a water and mild detergent solution.




Coverage: 10-12m² PER LITRE
Drying time: 2 hours between coats - 3 days to fully cure
Size: 2.5 litres, 5 litres
No. of coats:
Clean up: Water