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Ronseal Nourishing Decking Oil

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Ronseal Decking Oil 5 litre is a deeply absorbing decking protection that feeds the timber by replacing natural oils lost through weathering, leaving a natural looking finish.

Ronseal Decking Oil 'Natural' will bring out the natural colour of your decking, whether it is hard or softwood. It is also available in a range of colours to enhance the natural colour of your wood.

How To Use Ronseal Nourishing Decking Oil

Before applying, make sure the deck is clean, dry and free from contaminants.  If the deck is new it may have had a basic water-proofing treatment - if water beads on the surface this will be the case.  Before applying the decking oil this will either need to be removed with Decking Cleaner and Reviver or the deck left to weather for around 6 months.

If a deck has been previously treated with a stain or paint then this will need to be removed with a Decking Stripper.  Timber that has greyed will need to be returned to it’s original colour with Decking Restorer.

Choose a dry day with no rain expected and using either a brush or applicator pad, apply to 3-4 boards at a time to avoid overlapping.  Wipe away any surplus oil with a lint-free cloth.  Allow 6 hours before applying the second coat and wait a further 24 hours before subjecting the deck to use.

  • Suitable for hard or softwood Decking
  • Scuff resistant formula
  • Easy to apply and ready to use
  • Protects the timber from within – won’t peel or flake
  • UV Protected against fading
  • Contains biocide to protect against mould and algae growth

To keep your finish looking its best for longer, regularly clean your deck and remove leaves, mould, mildew, algae and any other dirt. Mould and algae should be removed with decking cleaner, general dust and dirt can be tackled with a stiff wire broom.

Available colours:  Natural, Natural Oak, Natural Cedar, Natural Pine

For more information about how to use decking cleaners, how they remove treatments and are best to you use for preparation before applying decking oil, please check out our blog, Getting Your Decking Ready For Summer - Part 1: Clean and Revive.

We’ve written a blog about things to consider when laying a new deck, how to treat different types of decking and some best practices for when applying a finish. Check it out here.


No. of coats: 2
Coverage: Up to 10m² per litre
Drying time: 24 hours final (recoat after 6 hours)
Clean up: White spirit