Renaissance Wax Micro Crystalline Wax Polish - Restorate-649387000007
Renaissance Wax Micro Crystalline Wax Polish - Restorate-649387000007
Renaissance Wax Micro Crystalline Wax Polish - Restorate-649387000014
Renaissance Wax Micro Crystalline Wax Polish - Restorate-649387000021

Renaissance Wax Micro Crystalline Wax Polish

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Renaissance Wax Polish is the finest glass-clear wax polish available!

Renaissance Wax is a glass-clear wax polish used by Museums and collectors for conditioning leather, preventing oxidisation and protecting from corrosion

It is recommended by museums, art galleries and conservators throughout the world. Renaissance wax will gently lift the grime of antiquity and murky deposits of other polishes, leaving surfaces delightful to see and touch. Its transparency allows unlimited applications and the polish never stains or discolours.

The crystalline structure is much finer than natural waxes and as a consequence Renaissance Wax offers highly efficient moisture resistance.  Many statues and monuments have been protected from weathering corrosion with the use of Renaissance Wax.

For deeper cleaning and preparation of a tarnished surface, use Renaissance Pre-Lim Metal Burnisher prior to using Renaissance Wax Polish.

Renaissance Wax can be used on any solid surface such as wooden furniture, metals, marble, onyx, shell, stone, ivory, plastics and leather. Renaissance Wax is a premium product used mainly in conservation of antiquities, if you need a wax to create lustre, please see our range of wax polishes such as LiberonFiddes and Briwax.

This wax should be applied thinly and will leave a glass clear surface with no discolouration of either the wax or the underlying surface.  Renaissance Wax is pH neutral so will not damage sensitive surfaces.  As an example, historically important photographs are treated with this wax to protect the image from natural acidity that occurs in the skin and from environmental pollutants.  The hardness of the matured wax coating gives excellent protection against normal spillages, finger marks, etc.

Even with repeated use there is no loss of clarity, so fine surface detail will not be obscured.  

Renaissance Wax is available in 65ml, 200, and 3 litre sizes.

For a guide and comparison of our wax polishes, have a read of our blog, Wax Polishes, Which Should I Use?

Renaissance Wax is manufactured by Picreator of London in a special seamless aluminium container, ensuring the wax will remain in perfect condition long after other polishes have hardened and become useless.