Peelaway 1 & 7 Twin Sample Pack 300g - Restorate-5015861001283

Peelaway 1 & 7 Twin Sample Pack 300g

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Peel Away 1 & Peel Away 7 150g Sample Pots 

Unsure which Peel Away is the right one for your application?  Peelaway sample pots will allow you to carry out test patches to establish which version is best for your job.

Both Peel Away 1 and Peel Away 7 Paint Removal Systems are designed for the complete removal of many years worth of layer upon layer of paint in one application.

This original Peel Away System is the most reliable and effective method of removing multi-layers of paint from such surfaces without damaging the surface detail.

Peelaway 1 is designed to remove very old toxic lead paints from ornate plaster ceiling and cornices, brickwork, masonry, metals, cast iron and woodwork.  Note that Peelaway 1 can react with some metals, such as Aluminium or Zinc.  

Peelaway 7 is designed to remove strong modern paints and lacquers from woodwork, brickwork, masonry, plaster, hardwoods, stone, metal and marine fibreglass.

If you are unsure which Peel Away System is the right one for your application, this pair of sample pots is the perfect answer for a side by side test.  Experiment with the thickness of paste you might need.  Between 1-3mm is often enough and the less you need to use the more economical the job will be.

Periodically check your test patches by lifting with a spatula to see how easily the paint lifts and if any remains on the substrate.   Once all layers of paint lift away easily then the Peelaway can be removed.  If, after 72 hours, this point has not been reached then it will mean that either the product is not suitable or that a second application will be needed to remove any remaining paint layers

Peel Away is approved and used in cooperation with The Building Conservation Trust, The National Trust and English Heritage.