Osmo Polyx Oil Clear - Restorate-4006850745906
Osmo Polyx Oil Clear - Restorate-4006850745906
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Osmo Polyx Oil Clear

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Osmo Polyx Oil - The original Hard Wax Oil, is a unique formula of oils and waxes designed for the natural treatment of wooden floors and many other internal joinery projects.  It is suitable for children's toys and conforms to safety standard EN71.3

Osmo Polyx Oil is designed to absorb deep into the wood, leaving a flexible, micro porous and lightly waxed finish, which protects and enhances the natural beauty of the wood with an option for matt, satin or gloss finishes.

It protects against normal household liquids including water, wine, beer, tea, coffee and many more, yet still leaving the wood with a natural look and feel that won't peel, flake or crack.  The finish it leaves is stain resistant, abrasion resistant and water repellent.

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For preparation, ensure that the surface is clean, dry and free from any previous coatings.  If sanding, begin with a coarse paper and finish with P120-P150 grit for flooring or P180-P240 for furniture and remove any sanding dust before oiling.

No thinning or priming is necessary and the oil should be applied thinly in the direction of the grain, using a brush, floor brush or microfibre roller. Allow 8-10 hours drying time before applying a second coat, again thinly.  If refreshing an already oiled surface then one coat is usually enough.

For daily maintenance, cleaning with a dry duster, floor mop or vacuum cleaner will be sufficient. To refresh the surface or intensive cleaning use Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner.  For commercial premises, an electric floor polisher can be used.

For a use guide and comparison of the Hard Wax Oils we sell, check out our blog, Hard Wax Oils - What are they and how should I use?


No. of coats: 2
Coverage: Up to 24m² per litre 
Drying time: 8-10 hours
Clean up: Osmo Brush Cleaner