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Mirka Abranet Ace HD Discs (Box of 25)

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Mirka Abranet Ace HD is an evolution of the ground breaking Mirka Abranet.  In addition it features an aluminium oxide and ceramic grain, which improves both durability and wear, particularly around the edge of the disc. Abranet Ace HD discs come in 125 and 150mm sizes and are available in the coarser grits from P40 to P120.

A strong net structure further resists wear and tear, making Abranet Ace HD ideal for demanding or heavy duty tasks, such as large scale stock removal or sanding decking, as it helps to increase the working life of the disc and speeds up the sanding process.
It is effective for paint or lacquer removal and for sanding composites and fillers.  It also works extremely well on hardwoods like Oak or Beech.  
The net construction gives outstanding dust removal when used with a Mirka Orbital Sander and dust extractor.   This will reduce any clean up time to a minimum and will generate a much healthier working environment - important if sanding hardwoods or any surface that may generate a hazardous dust.
Abranet Ace HD are compatible with Mirka's DEROS sanders using either the 125mm or 150mm backing pads and with their PROS 650CV and ROS 650DB air sanders.  They can also be used on the Roundy hand sanding tool as well as the 150mm hand sanding block. 
Ace HD will also work well on the now discontinued CEROS electric sander.
Abranet Ace HD can be used in conjunction with Mirka Pad Savers which will help to prolong the life of the backing pad, especially when undertaking the heavy duty work the discs are designed for or when frequently changing abrasives.  They are also compatible with Mirka Interface Pads, which will give a smoother result when sanding a contoured surface.
Colour: Light Maroon
Coating: Closed
Grain: Ceramic / Ceramic coated
Bonding: Resin over resin
Backing: PA Net
Grits: 40, 60, 80, 120