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Liberon Gilt Cream - Restorate-5022640005134
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Liberon Gilt Cream

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Liberon Gilt Cream 30ml is easy to apply, and is ideal for creating a gilt finish to new surfaces and restoring old gilding work. Liberon Gilt Cream is available in various colours, which are all intermixable to help achieve an accurate colour match.

In preparation, seal any porous surfaces such as wood or plaster.

Apply the Gilt Cream with an artists brush (for intricate areas) or a cotton cloth and leave to dry for a minimum of 4 hours.  It can then either be left matt or buffed to a shine.  To achieve the best possible finish, several thin coats are recommended rather than one thick coat.  Clean tools in white spirit.

Available colours: Chantilly (Antique Gold), Compeigne (Pale Gold), Rambouillet (Oxidised Gold), St Germain (Silver), Trianon (Bright Gold), Versailles (Red Gold).

Please note, always test product on a spare surface or inconspicuous area for colour, compatibility and end result.

    Precautions: Gilt Creams may be reactivated or thinned with Pure Turpentine or good quality white spirit