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Fiddes Mellow Wax Polish

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Colour:English Oak
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Fiddes Mellow Wax Polish  is a high quality blended beeswax polish available in five unique wood shades, which has been used for a generation for finishing sealed or previously polished wood.  With over ninety years experience in the manufacturing process of fine wood finishes, Fiddes Mellow Wax is formulated from a time-honoured recipe.

Suitable for all woods, it would typically be used on fine and antique furniture, doors, cabinet work and panelling.

To use, firstly make sure that the surface is free from dust or blemishes.  If the wood has accumulated many coats of old wax that no longer responds to buffing, this can be removed with Fiddes Furniture Reviver prior to refinishing.  This product will also treat any surface scratches.  If applying to bare wood, the timber will first need to be treated with Fiddes Shellac Sealer to provide a consistent and resilient base for the wax.

Apply using cotton stockinette, brush or sponge in the direction of the grain where possible.  To achieve a uniform finish, wipe evenly blending the Mellow Wax across the whole surface, exerting a small amount of pressure.  If there is any excess wax on the surface, remove it straight away with a clean absorbent cloth.  Leave the wax to dry for 10 minutes then buff with a soft cloth.  Additional coats will deepen the colour and significantly increase the sheen.  Building the sheen by applying thin layers will make the wax easier to buff.

Colours available:  Light (Clear), English Oak, Georgian Mahogany, Rich Mahogany, Jacobean

For a guide and comparison of our wax polishes, have a read of our blog, Wax Polishes, Which Should I Use?


No. of coats: 1 (further coats will deepen the shade and sheen)
Coverage: 16 square metres per litre
Drying time: 10 minutes at room temperature
Sizes: 400g, 5 litre