Fiddes Boiled Linseed Oil 5 Litres - Restorate-

Fiddes Boiled Linseed Oil 5 Litres

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Boiled Linseed Oil is a enhanced version of Raw Linseed oil. An oxidisation process reduces drying time significantly and is perfect for use both inside and outside.

Application:  Before starting, make sure that the work area is very well ventilated.  The oil does not need to thinned and should be applied at room temperature.  Stir thoroughly and apply thinly with a good quality brush, evenly and in the direction of the grain.  Wipe away any surplus oil with a cloth immediately and allow to dry for 8-10 hours, preferably overnight.

Subsequent coats should be supplied in the same way.  New interior wood needs 3 coats while exterior timber will need 4 coats.

To renovate an area treated with Boiled Linseed Oil, sand the area lightly with P150 grit abrasive and re-apply the oil.  To maintain, clean with a damp cloth and wipe dry.  Heavy soiling or staining may need a further application of oil.


Drying time:  8-10 Hours
No. of coats: 3-4
Coverage (m.sq/L): 20-24 depending on substrate
Clean Up: White Spirit