Everbuild All Purpose Wallpaper Paste (5 Roll)


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Everbuild All Purpose Wallpaper Paste is a powder adhesive to be mixed with water.  It has a high initial tack which is combined with easy maneuverability and is suitable for use with all common wall coverings such as sculptured, blown and textured vinyl, washable and heavily embossed.  It can also be used for fixing polystyrene tiles and contains a powerful fungicide, which prevents mould growth while drying.

The ratio of powder to water will be dictated by the type of wall covering to be hung.  Add one sachet of powder to the appropriate amount of water and stir briskly until the solution thickens.  Leave it to stand for 3 minutes then stir again.

It also has uses within furniture restoration.  If mixed to the usual consistency it can be applied to old Pearl Glue in order to soften it.  This allows the old glue from joints to be wiped off or removed with a plastic scraper as the wallpaper paste transfers moisture into the old glue.  It is a trick of the trade employed by furniture restorers over the years but will only work on this particular adhesive.

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