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Briwax Original Wax Polish

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This is a traditional finishing treatment for all types of wood in the home and in the workshop. Briwax is a blend of Beeswax and Carnauba waxes and gives an instant natural sheen to bare wood. It is ideal for use on wood carvings and turned wood, skirting boards and doors, and is widely used in the pine furniture industry.

Safety: Apply in a well ventilated area and wear protective Nitrile disposable gloves.

Preparation: Unsealed wooden surfaces should be dry, smooth and clean. Bare wood should be lightly sanded and the dust removed with a tack cloth.

Application: Briwax Original Wax should be applied using stockinette, quality brush or 0000 Steel Wool. Apply the wax along the grain and when dry (5-10 minutes), buff to your desired finish with a clean piece of stockinette or cotton rag. Alternatively use a soft Furniture Brush or Pine Drill Brush for large surface areas.

A professional appearance, improved shine and more durable finish can be obtained by sealing the wood. To achieve this, brush along the grain with Shellac Sanding Sealer before using Briwax Original wax polish.

For pre-finished furniture and antiques, check compatibility, then apply Briwax Original Wax in small areas with a clean soft cloth.

For a guide and comparison of our wax polishes, have a read of our blog, Wax Polishes, Which Should I Use?

Coverage: 10-15 Sq Mtrs/ Litre - 1x 400g tin should do 2x Internal doors, two coats both sides.

Tin sizes:  400g, 5 Litre, 20 Litre

Colours (400g / 5 Litre):  Antique Brown, Clear, Medium Brown (P7), Antique Mahogany, Antique Pine, Dark Oak, Honey, Jacobean, Old Pine, Rustic Pine, Spanish Mahogany, Teak, Tudor Oak, Walnut, Silver Grey (400g only)

Colours (20 Litre):  Antique Brown, Clear, Medium Brown (P7)

Maintenance: The renowned Briwax finish can be maintained by further applications, giving increased hardness and shine.

Please note: Briwax Original Wax is not recommended for use in areas where it will come into contact with water. We do not recommend that Briwax Original is used on floors or painted furniture. 

Please note that due to carrier restrictions, the 20 Litre size cannot be delivered on Saturday and orders must be placed before 2pm for next working day delivery.

In temperatures of above 20°C Briwax Original Wax may soften or liquify. If this happens, replace the lid and store in a cool place, it will then return to its original form.


No. of coats: 1-2
Coverage: 10-15 square metres per litre
Drying time: Quick drying
Clean up: Warm soapy water