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Bona Mix and Fill - Restorate-4005094340014

Bona Mix and Fill

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Bona Mix and Fill is a fast drying, waterborne gap filler which is mixed with sawdust to achieve a perfect colour match for filling gaps up to 2mm in wooden floors and fixing other minor defects.  It can be used in conjunction with all Bona varnishes and primers and is suited to both light and dark woods.  Once dry it can be sanded or re-finished.

To prepare the surface, firstly ensure it is clean, dry and free from wax, dirt or any other potential contaminates then sand the floor to bare wood with P60 - P80 grit abrasive and save the dust. Mix with the sanding dust to a smooth porridge-like consistency and apply to the area to be filled with a stainless steel trowel. 

For minor gaps allow 20 minutes between applications or until sanding the surface.  Leave for 1-2 hours before applying a finish.  Larger gaps are best left to dry overnight.  When dry it can be sanded back to a flat surface with a P120 grit abrasive.  Coverage is between 8-12m2 per litre depending on the nature and quantity of the gaps.  Do not apply if the temperature in the work area drops below 13°C.  Clean tools with a small amount of water having first removed any residue.

Please note that some rare wood species (typically tropical) or chemically treated wood have the potential to produce unforeseen reactions.  In these circumstances it would be best to carry out a test first to establish compatibility.