Barrettine Wood Reviver - Restorate-5015861005687
Barrettine Wood Reviver - Restorate-5015861005687
Barrettine Wood Reviver - Restorate-5015861005694
Barrettine Wood Reviver - Restorate-5015861005694

Barrettine Wood Reviver

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Barrettine Wood Reviver is a water based oxalic acid formula which returns old, tired, grey looking cladding, fencing and decking to its freshly cut colour in minutes. Oxalic acid is a naturally occurring acid found in spinach and rhubarb. It can also remove black stains on Oak left by rust and water or stains caused by surface mould.

Wood Reviver can be used on a wide range of hard and softwoods but some timbers will produce a more profound colour change than others, especially woods with a high tannin content such as Oak or Iroko.

This is a ready to use, low VOC and chlorine free bleaching product, safe to use at home on exterior wood..

How To Apply Barrettine Wood Reviver
Apply in temperatures between 5-30°C out of direct sunlight. Shake the container well, both before and during the application process. It is possible that Wood Reviver may remove or go through some wood finishes, so with this in mind it is best to do a test patch first. If the Reviver does not go through to the wood the the finish would need to removed either by sanding or with a paint remover.

Wet the wood with water then apply generously with a brush or roller. Restrict the area treated to 2 square metres to avoid the water evaporating. If it does dry out just wet it again and proceed. Allow 15-30 minutes for the Reviver to work and rub the surface with a dampened cloth or non-metallic brush. Rinse thoroughly with water and repeat the process if necessary. A light sanding may be needed afterwards if the grain raises to restore a smooth surface. A pressure washer is not recommended as this could damage the wood fibres and saturate the wood, risking problems with adhesion of future coatings.

Once the dry the wood can be treated with a suitable top coat. Most solvent-based products are compatible as are some water-based. Any residual oxalic acid in the wood may cause some water-based finishes to dry with a cloudy finish, so a test patch is always recommended.



No. of coats: 1
Drying Time: 24 hours
Sizes: 1 litre, 5 litres
Coverage: 4m² per litre
Clean up: Soapy water