Mirka LEROS-S 950XCV Dual Voltage & 1230M 230V Deco Kit - Restorate-6416868227338

Mirka LEROS-S 950XCV Dual Voltage & 1230M 230V Deco Kit

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This outfit brings together the compact LEROS-S ceiling/wall sander and the Mirka 1230 M AFC dust extractor for dust-free sanding in residential or site situations.  The sander is dual voltage, so can be connected to 110v site supplies or to the standard 240v residential supply.  The M-class rating of the dust extractor makes it suitable for coping with medium hazard dust from surfaces such as hardwood, MDF, concrete and brick.  M-class is the minimum requirement for work site use according to Health and Safety Executive guidelines.

This kit includes:

1 x Mirka LEROS-S 950XCV Dual Voltage 225mm Orbit 5.0 with Bag

1 x Abranet 225mm Grip P80, 25/Pack

1 x Abranet 225mm Grip P120, 25/Pack

1 x Abranet 225mm Grip P180, 25/Pack

1 x Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 M AFC GB 230V

1 x Hose 27mm x 4m and Connector

Mirka code:  KIT2223EXMUK

The LEROS-S 950XCV can provide effortless sanding of large areas of wood and composite surfaces and is ideal for use on walls or ceilings, with an optional Extension Shaft available if more reach is needed.  It's compact size makes it a perfect choice if working in more confined spaces such as hallways or bathrooms.

A brushless motor will ensure the sander always performs consistently, even if sanding under heavy load.  A combination of light weight, two ergonomically placed grips and a sanding head that is flexible through 180° makes the LEROS-S very comfortable to use, especially when sanding for prolonged periods.

The design of the sanding head and backing pad allows the LEROS-S to work very close to edges and corners.  Dual suction points give highly efficient dust removal, particularly important if working in a confined space.

It is best practice to replace the backing pad as soon as possible once it begins to wear as this can unbalance the sander.  Pad savers will help to extend the life of the backing pad.  Mirka advise that for the smoothest results it is best to use an interface pad.


Power input: 250w
Speed: 4000 - 8000rpm
Orbit: 5mm
Noise level: 73dB
Weight: 3.2kg


The 1230 M AFC dust extractor is designed to handle medium risk dust and is compliant with HSE minimum requirements for sanding surfaces like hardwoods or plaster.  An auto start feature will only allow the machine to work while the sander is in use.  This will reduce workplace noise and extend motor life.

An automatic filter cleaning system is activated at short intervals and an air-flow sensor warns if flow drops below optimal levels.  This maintains a consistent performance and extends the filter's life.  Replacement filters are available when needed.

The mains cable and hose can be accommodated by onboard storage and there is further storage on top of the machine.  Mirka's Case Fastening Accessory allows attachment of the Systainer site case for easier access to items such as sanding discs and pad savers.

The 1230 M can be converted to a conventional vacuum cleaner by using the Mirka Clean Up Kit.  A disposable fleece dust bag is included with extra bags available in a pack of 5.

This machine can be used wet or dry but the dust bag must be removed before wet use, with a filter cleaning cycle carried out before and after wet use.


Power input: 1200w
Dust class: M
Work exposure limit: Greater than or equal to 0.1mg/m3
Filter leakage: Less than 0.1%
Filter efficiency: 99.9%
Weight: 14.5kg
Dimensions: 565 x 385 x 565mm
Noise level: 60dB
Air flow volume: 4500 l/min
Vacuum: 250mbar
Tank volume: 30 litres