Mirka LEROS 950XCV Dual Voltage & 1230M PC 110V Deco Kit - Restorate-

Mirka LEROS 950XCV Dual Voltage & 1230M PC 110V Deco Kit

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This kit is the ideal solution for tradesmen who regularly need to sand walls or ceilings at work sites where a 110v supply is in use.  The combination of sander, dust extractor and Abranet abrasives will give dust free performance, reducing clean up to a minimum and creating a far healthier workspace.

This kit includes:

1 x Mirka LEROS 950XCV Dual Voltage 225mm Orbit 5.0 with Bag

1 x Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 M PC GB 110V

1 x Abranet 225mm Grip P80, 25/Pack

1 x Abranet 225mm Grip P120, 25/Pack

1 x Abranet 225mm Grip P180, 25/Pack

1 x Hose 27mm x 4m and Connector

Mirka code:  KIT2221EXMUK

The LEROS 950XCV uses Mirka's dual voltage technology so it can be used either on site or with a residential 230/240v supply.  A combination of light weight and clever design ergonomics mean that it can be used for extended periods without fatigue.  The sanding head has 180° flexibility so the operator can always find a comfortable working position.  The design of the sanding head and backing pad allows the sander to work very close to edges and corners as well as offering very stable operation.  

To keep the sander working at it's best it is recommended that the backing pad be replaced regularly as a worn pad can upset the balance of the machine.  The life of the pad can be prolonged with the use of pad savers which take the strain or frequent disc changes or aggressive sanding.

* Mirka recommend the use of an interface pad when using the LEROS as this will help to produce a smoother result.  It should also be used if sanding a contoured surface.


Power input: 250w
Speed: 4000 - 8000rpm
Orbit: 5mm
Pad size: 225mm
Weight: 3.5kg
Noise level: 71dB


The 1230 M PC 110v dust extractor features M-class filtration, meaning it can cope with medium hazard dust that would result from the sanding of surfaces such as hardwoods, plaster, MDF, concrete and brick.  M-class is the minimum requirement for site use as per Health and Safety Safety guidelines.

It has an auto start feature so that the extractor will only run while the sander is being used.  This will prolong the life of the motor and helps to reduce noise in the workplace.  Filter cleaning is done by a simple push and clean system.  An air flow sensor will indicate if flow drops below optimal levels, at which point the filter can be cleaned.  Spare filters are readily available.

Onboard storage for the hose and cable makes transportation easier and there is further storage space on top of the extractor.  It will also accept the Mirka Case Fastening Accessory for attaching the Systainer site case, allowing easy access to frequently used items such as abrasives or pad savers.

If required, this extractor can perform as a standard vacuum cleaner with the addition of the Mirka Clean Up Kit.  A disposable fleece dust bag is supplied with replacements available as a pack of 5.


Power input: 1000w
Dust Class: M
Work exposure limit: Greater than or equal to 0.1mg/m3
Filter leakage: Less than 0.1%
Filter efficiency: 99.9%
Noise level: 59dB
Weight: 14.5kg
Dimensions: 565 x 385 x 565mm
Air flow volume: 4500 l/min
Vacuum: 250mbar
Tank volume: 30 litre