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Mirka Abranet 225mm Sanding Discs (Box of 25)

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Mirka Abranet 225mm discs are perfect for use with Mirka LEROS and LEROS-S Orbital Sanders. The mesh backed sanding disc allows complete dust free sanding!

Abranet features an open mesh design.  Thousands of small holes will ensure that when used with a suitable extractor the removal of dust will be exceptionally efficient.  It also means the surface being sanded remains dust free resulting in a uniform scratch pattern and a very smooth finish.

By using Mirka Abranet 225mm Discs your sanding process becomes more efficient and less dust means a better and cleaner working environment.  Importantly, it greatly reduces clean up time.  The amount of dust generated by removing large amounts of stock from walls and ceilings is considerable.  The efficiency of the Abranet discs in removing dust means that this is no longer a problem.  Lesser quality abrasives may allow more dust to escape, resulting in extended clean up time and a lower quality. less healthy work space.

The removal of dust also becomes important when applying paint or lacquer after sanding as this eliminates the risk of the newly finished surface becoming contaminated by dust during application.

Used in conjunction with the Mirka LEROS-S, the 225mm Abranet disc makes an excellent job of sanding flat horizontal areas such as floors or large tables, as Abranet works efficiently on bare wood or in the removal of lacquer prior to refinishing.

Regular replacement of the sander's backing pad will help keep the sander working at its best, especially with the added use of pad savers.  Pad savers fit between the abrasive and the backing pad and will handle the wear and tear caused by aggressive sanding or frequent disc changes.  If sanding a contoured surface, smoother results can be obtained with the use of an Interface Pad, which also fits between abrasive and backing pad.


Colour: Light Maroon
Coating: Closed
Grain: Aluminium Oxide
Backing: PA net
Bonding: Resin over resin
Grit range: 80, 120, 150, 180, 240, 320