Polyvine Cascaphen Two Part Resin Glue 670g - Restorate-729870010437

Polyvine Cascaphen Two Part Resin Glue 670g

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Cascaphen is a professional, two part glue which has been specially developed for waterproof exterior use and can be continuously immersed in water.   This degree of water resistance makes Cascaphen very popular with boat builders.  This also means that it can withstand extreme weather.  It works well on resinous woods and hardwoods with a high natural moisture content, such as Teak or Iroko. It is heat resistant and suitable for interior or exterior jobs.  

Mix by weight at a ratio of 100 parts resin to 15 parts hardener.  The liquid's working life depends on ambient temperature and varies from 30 minutes at 30°C to 4.5 hours at 10°C.  Higher temperatures will shorten the working life while cooler temperatures will extend it.

If gluing wood, a moisture content of 12-14%  will give the best results.  Timber that has been machined can be left with a 'glazed' surface where the wood fibres become compressed.  If this has happened, roughen the surface with a coarse abrasive then dust with a bristle brush.  Oily timbers should be de-greased with Methylated Spirit.

Apply the mixed glue to one or both surfaces and bring them together while the glue is still wet (applying to both surfaces will give a longer working time).  The best results will be achieved by gluing both surfaces with a good quality brush.

The surfaces should then be clamped, screwed or pinned while the glue sets - typically overnight at a temperature between 15-25°C.  Low temperatures will slow the setting time and it would be best to avoid this.  20°C is the ideal temperature.  Once the joint has been assembled any excess glue can be removed once it reaches a jelly-like state at which point it will come off easily.  Do not let surplus glue harden or it will be very hard to remove.

* Please see the product data sheet below for detailed application advice.