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5 Reasons to Invest In a Mirka Sander

As the premium manufacturer for sanding power tools, abrasives and accessories, the Mirka brand is synonymous with excellence. Find out more here.
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As the premium manufacturer for sanding power tools, abrasives and accessories, the Mirka brand is synonymous with excellence. 

What is an orbital sander?

Mirka are known for producing world class sanding tools. The vast majority of these power tools are defined as orbital sanders, or random orbital sanders. Orbital sanders are simply power tools that sand in a series of circles, ensuring a smooth finish. On the other hand, random orbital sanders combine this circular motion with a random back and forth motion. These two movements combined create a smoother and more even finish, as the sander pad moves in an overlapping figure of eight. The orbit size listed on a product is simply the diameter of the orbit’s swing. Generally, the larger the orbit size the more abrasive the action will be and vice versa. 

All sanders utilise an abrasive material that is attached to the sanding pad. This can be sandpaper, or increasingly sanding discs. Both of these can be purchased in a wide range of grit sizes so as to achieve the desired finish.

Mirka Orbital Sander

How to use an orbital sander

Mirka orbital sanders are an excellent power tool which will ensure a high quality finish. However, the highly powered nature of these tools means it is important to use them in the correct manner to avoid damage to your sander or project. 

  • Keep your sander flat
  • The first, and most important rule is to always keep your orbital sander flat. If you see any high spots or irregularities avoid the temptation to tilt your sander to focus on this section. Instead, sand down the offending area by hand before reintroducing your sander. This will not only allow the sander to work at its optimum, but will also protect the exposed edge of the backing pad from coming into contact with the wood. 

    Mirka Orbital Sander used flat on surface

  • Park your sander
  • Placing - or parking - your sander on the material you are about to sand before you turn it on is of paramount importance to protect both your project and your powertool. If a running sander is set down there is a risk it will dig into the material, scratching it and potentially damaging the sander. This is why the sander should not be lifted and placed down when sanding but rather moved across the surface from side-to-side. 

  • Use the correct grits
  • Whilst it is the sander that is doing the mechanical work, the abrasive is the actual material in contact with your project. Therefore, it is essential that you use the correct grit to achieve your desired aim. A higher grit number indicates a finer abrasive, which results in a smoother finish. On the flip side lower grit numbers signal a coarser abrasive that will remove stock a lot more rapidly. It is important to note that abrasives are designed to be used in conjunction with one another; you cannot just chuck on a super fine abrasive and expect to get a great result. Instead, work our way steadily up through the grades. 

    Abranet Sanding Disc

  • Don’t put pressure on the sander
  • One of the most common mistakes made with orbital sanders is to apply downwards pressure onto the item you are sanding. Pushing down on your sander will not make it work any quicker. What it will do is mark and damage your project and potentially your sander.

  • Move slowly
  • Another common mistake made by new owners is to move the sander across the material far too quickly. Orbital sanders are different from belt sanders and manual sanding in that they do not require constant, rapid movement. In fact, orbital sanders need the opposite to achieve uniform results. Be patient, and use slow deliberate actions moving your sander roughly one inch per second across your project.

  • Keep slack on the cable
  • As durable and robust as Mirka power tools are, they can still be broken by foolish or violent actions. As many of Mirka’s sanders are electrically powered - and attached to a vacuum - there are often a number of wires, cables, and pipes attached to the sanders, The attachments are a natural point of weakness for any powertool, and it is therefore advised to always keep slack on the cable and avoid yanking the tool at any point. 

    • Replace the backing pad regularly 

    Whilst it will be evident when the abrasive disc or paper is worn out, knowing when to replace the sander’s backing pad can take some figuring out. Generally an increase in the amount of time it takes to complete work, inconsistent finishes, and scratches can all be signs of a worn out and deformed backing pad. If using your orbital sander regularly it is advised to replace the backing pad on a monthly basis to avoid these issues.


    Five reasons to invest in Mirka

  • Innovative design
  • Located and manufactured in Finland, Mirka have become renowned the world over for their excellent product design. So much so that they have won a prestigious Red Dot industrial design award. What this means for you is products that are light, comfortable, and easy to use for prolonged periods of time. Many of Mirka sanders, such as the Mirka DEROS sander, also come with easily manipulated speed controls. This feature allows you to alter the rpm of the sander with the simple press of a button.  

    Orbital Sander and abrasive discs

    It is not just the sanders themselves which benefit from Mirka’s innovative design. Understanding that a sander is only as good as its abrasive, Mirka has designed abranet, a revolutionary abrasive material with an open mesh design that prevents clogging, ensures dust free sanding, and guarantees an unparalleled, uniform finish. Not only does abranet result in a superior finish but the abrasive material typically lasts twice as long as others, making it a cost effective option. 

    Furthermore, Mirka is just as committed to sustainability as they are to excellence. A fact typified by their position as a founding member of the Sustainable European Abrasives Manufacturer program and through their Clean Commitments. These pledges and actions mean Mirka are on the forefront of environmentally friendly sanding, setting the European standard for sustainability. 

  • Improved health and safety
  • Mirka have long prioritised dust free sanding, as dust inhalation has been proven to cause swelling of the lungs. This in turn can lead to scar tissue developing in a dangerous process called fibrosis. By designing sanders that remove dust instantly, Mirka products greatly minimise the health risks associated with sanding. In addition to this Mirka have launched myMirka, an online app which tracks the amount of vibrations your hands are exposed to providing you with the information to avoid debilitating injuries, such as hand-arm vibration syndrome developing. 

    1. Increased efficiency 

    Dust free sanding not only means protection from damaging particles, but also that tidying times are slashed after a job's completion. For the DIYer this means less time spent on chores, whilst for industry professionals it ensures less time - and therefore wages - are spent on a job. In fact, the full range of Mirka products will save you money and time in the long run. This is because both Mirka’s tools and abrasives are powerful, resulting in stock being removed quickly and efficiently. To put it simply, all types of jobs will take a shorter duration to complete, minimising costs and improving profit margins. 

  •  Accessories
  • Evaluating your project and deciding what equipment you need is a vital stage of any job. This is doubly true when sanding because different profiles, materials, and items all need unique attention if they are to be brought to a uniform finish. Fortunately, Mirka sanders are compatible with a range of accessories, from a variety of backing pads to a number of differently shaped interfaces. Utilising this range will save you time and result in the best finish possible. 

    Mirka Clean Up kit
  • Warranty
  • All Mirka power tools, including palm sanders, have a two-year warranty as standard which covers both defects in the product material and its workmanship. Furthermore, Mirka offers the option of an extra years warranty for those who register their power tool within 30 days of purchasing. All repairs performed under warranty will be free of charge. Whilst repairs are rarely necessary thanks to Mirka’s industrious design and high standards, it is a comfort to know your power tool is so comprehensively covered. 

    Where to buy a Mirka sander

    As an official Mirka partner, Restorate stocks a comprehensive range of quality guaranteed Mirka products, accessories, and abrasives. Not only will you have access to the best orbital sanders on the market, but our dedicated, skilled support team will be able to answer any queries you may have about any Mirka products. Finally, Restorate’s commitment to next working day delivery means you can have whatever Mirka product you need, exactly when you need it. 

    What is Mirka’s range Orbital Sanders

    • Mirka has created a wide range of extremely high quality orbital sanders, each with its own specific uses. As their flagship product the Mirka DEROS sander is perhaps the best and most usable orbital sander on the market. Known for its compact size and extremely light weight - which is less than half that of a comparable DeWalt sander - the DEROS still manages to pack a powerful punch thanks to its highly efficient patented brushless motor. Mirka DEROS sanders also come in a range of sizes and orbits, ensuring there is a suitable tool for every kind of job.

    • The Mirka LEROS sander is a sander designed specifically for walls and ceilings. The LEROS features a 5mm random orbital movement, and most notably a sanding head that has 180° flexibility. A feature which will transform any frustrating job into one done quickly and easily. 

    • In the DEOS sander Mirka have combined all the impressive features of the DEROS into a tool with an exceptionally low profile of 101mm. This makes the DEOS very easy to manoeuvre and guarantees an extremely high quality finish.  

    • The Mirka DEOS Delta is the sander of choice for jobs that involve corners or irregular projects due to its almost triangular shape. The DEOS Delta mimics other Mirka power tools by being powered by an extremely potent brushless motor, which when coupled with an orbital movement of 3mm, guarantees rapid stock removal. Shockingly, this powerful bit of kit weighs under 1kg.

    • Whilst the aforementioned sanders have been designed for manual use, the Mirka AIROS is an automatic and integrated orbital sander for industrial robots. As a smart sander it ensures a precise and exquisite finish be achieved with minimal supervision. For maximum flexibility the AIROS can be fitted to all mechanical couplings and is run on a constant RPM. 

    • Finally, the vast majority of Mirka sanders are electric and powered via a cable. However, air powered sanders, including the PROS and the ROS are available. These are cheaper than their electric counterparts but must be run via an industrial high pressure compressor which makes them unsuitable for many individuals.

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