Spax Pz Countersunk Yellox Screws


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SPAX really are as incredible as they look. Only Spax Screws have unique features including a 4 Cut Head with Ground Serrations and Countersink Ribs, giving increased flexibility with unbeatable driving power without splitting the wood.

Applications: For use with a variety of materials, wood, chipboard, MDF, plastic and even thin metal sheet.

Key Features: Spax unique cutting ribs help drive the head countersink into wood easily, while the screw head ribs help reduce the thread being stripped when fixing hinges etc. Spax universal screw has a deeper head recess for a stronger bit hold. The head can be driven flush with the wood surface, simply and easy.

4CUT Point: Say good bye to splitting even when working close to the edge, no pre- drilling required even in hard woods as the screw point cuts and takes immediate hold.

Ground Serrations: Spax screws are the screw which gives immediate, ultimate holding power along with a hard synthetic coating for easy drive, reducing driving torque.

Finish: Zinc Yellow Passivated

Spax PZ Screwdriver Bit Chart:

PZ Driver Bit Size Spax PZ Screw Diameter
PZ1 2.5mm, 3mm, 
PZ2 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm
PZ3 6mm



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