Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint


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Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint uses advanced paint technology to produce the ultimate paint protection for all wooden, concrete and stone floors.

The Ronseal Diamond Hard formula not only protects your wooden floor from household chemicals, including detergent, bleach, alcohol, grease and dirt but is also scratch, scuff and knock resistant.

The advanced quick drying formula enables Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor Paint to strongly adhere to your floor, leaving a super smooth, long lasting satin finish that resists flaking and peeling, and maintains it's appearance for much longer than standard floor paints.

Preparation and application: Ventilate well and make sure the working environment is above 10°C.  Leave newly laid concrete for a month to set and dry then use a wire brush to remove any dust.  Seal with a stabilising solution or with a coat of the paint diluted 10% with water - apply a thin coat then allow it to dry. Previously painted concrete or stone can be wire brushed to help the new paint adhere, then wipe down with White Spirit.

For wooden floors, sand with a 120 grit abrasive, remove the dust and wipe down with White Spirit.  Seal any holes or knots.  Stir thoroughly to mix the pigment fully and do a patch test to ascertain the colour.

4-6 hours after the final coat the surface will be ready for light foot traffic and for furniture to be replaced.  After 72 hours the surface will have reached its full hardness and will be resistant to knocks, scuffs etc.

Coverage: 12m2 per litre

Number of coats: 3

Application: Brush, roller or applicator pad

Drying time: 4-6 Hours



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