WOCA Maintenance Oil - Restorate-5708055010467
WOCA Maintenance Oil - Restorate-5708055010467
WOCA Maintenance Oil - Restorate-5708055010467
WOCA Maintenance Oil - Restorate-5708055010467

WOCA Maintenance Oil

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WOCA Maintenance Oil is recommended for maintaining oiled timber surfaces. Flooring in particular can be rejuvenated by using this product and used regularly (once or twice a year), it will increase the floor’s natural durability and enhance the grain and colour of the wood. For floors exposed to heavy wear, apply Maintenance Oil more frequently.

Colours: Natural – for clear oiled finishes (such as Diamond Oil Natural)

White – for tinted oiled finishes (such as Diamond Oil White/Extra White)

Available sizes: 1 litre, 2.5 litre

Coats: 1

Coverage: 30 to 40 sq m per litre

Drying time: 4 hours (Polisher Machine), 24 hours (manually applied)

Clean equipment: WOCA solvent

Preparation: You will need a bucket for mixing WOCA Wood Cleaner with water. For applying the oil either use a pad, paint roller, cloth or a WOCA Doodlebug (fitted with beige pad), together with a plastic paint tray. For larger floor areas a WOCA Polishing Machine is ideal. Rollers and equipment can be cleaned after use with WOCA solvent. Keep the oil away from children, preferably in a locked cabinet. Afterwards, dispose of oil-soaked cloths in a sealed container due to fire risk.

Application: Clean all woodwork with Wood Cleaner (mixed 1:40 with water) and allow to dry for 8 hours. After shaking the container, pour oil into the tray and apply to the surface, allowing about 100ml per 4 sq m. Polish it into the wood (with a pad or cloth on small areas) until the surface looks saturated. Dry the floor with a cotton cloth to soak up excess oil. Work your way across the floor, making sure there’s no surface oil remaining.

Allow the surface to dry for 4 hours (20 degrees C) if using a Polishing Machine, or 24 hours if manually polished. A floor will then be fully hardened, but keep water away during this time.



Coats Required 1
Size 1L
Size 2.5L
Drying Time 24 hours (manually applied)
Coverage (m²/L) 30-40
Drying Time 4 hours (polisher machine)
Colour Natural or White
Brand Woca
Base Oil